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Tigers of Central India

United States Pckts Offline
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Look out UMA, there's a new force on the Mukki Block, I wonder how he'll be able to hold up with the battle tested beasts that reside there.

Pranjita Barman
Presenting T46 from Kanha National Park, one of the biggest tiger that I have personally seen. An extremely shy male who can go to any extent to escape the tourists gypsies. On this occasion, we got him after patiently waiting for him for over 2 hours on a cold winter morning. Many thanks to our naturalist Naren Malik, for without him this sighting would not have been possible. 

Kanha National Park, Feb 2019 with Anant Kaushik

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Pranjita Barman Vincent I have been informed that T46 has ousted Garhi/T50. In fact T46 was seen mating with MB3 a couple of times.

Pranjita Barman Thank you. I would say he is huge but not like Uma male. The head size is much smaller than Uma. In fact head size is smaller than CM too. Though otherwise his size is closer to CM. The sighting happened in Mukki zone. Exact location I understand shdnt be shared in social media.

T46 is new Male tiger seen in Mukki and is believed to be one of the suphkar cubs from Ronda range.

Pranjita Barman Thanks. T46 is relatively new entrant to Mukki. Widely believed to have overtaken garhi male’s territory and was also seen mating with MB3.

Satyaprakash Pandey
Mukki's ' DON ' means umarpani, Munna's son. Father [MUNNA BAGH T-17] is now old but t-30 has deposited the whole capture on his empire. Well, its biggest enemy is the younger brother of this, that is the cm [SMALL MUNNA LINK 7] Sir. Often there are war in both, both their own places are strong and namechina tiger.

Just look at a glimpse, you will get some peace.

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Ram Kumar Yadav Kanha
Umar Pani male

15 March 2019

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Sharad Bandhavgarh
Bamera s son 

*This image is copyright of its original author

Ajay Tiwari
Kancha the male tiger at Panna

*This image is copyright of its original author
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