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Tyrannosaurus rex

Venezuela epaiva Online

Credit to The Prehistoric Times 
*This image is copyright of its original author
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Switzerland Spalea Offline
Wildanimal Lover

@epaiva :

About #61: very interesting and curious ! I presume that Scotty is a male T-Rex... May I speak on sexual dimorphism about T-Rex ? The Sue's mandible length is greater, whereas the Scotty's skull length is the greatest. The structure of the skull seems different according the sexe of the animal.

I also know these two T-Rex were full adult but did the T-Rex grow all their life duration ?

And of course, are we quite sure that the females were the dominant sexe among the T-Rex (and also all the theropods) ?
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United States tigerluver Offline
Prehistoric Feline Expert

@Spalea  I believe Sue is no longer considered to be with certainty a female. The basis of the original conclusion is now considered too weak and for the same reason it seems, the paper describing the new giant T. rex refrains from assigning a sex completely. The sexual dimorphism and social dynamic touted during the early 2000s seems to be discarded as of late. The original conclusions seem to have made too many assumptions.

Considering the striking differences in the skulls, it's interesting both specimens are still considered to be of the same species. The differences seem as extreme if not more than that between the tiger and lion or polar bear and grizzly, for example. Scotty has a much more robust and stouter skull. Considering how diverse modern species are, maybe our classification of the dinosaurs is somewhat oversimplified.
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Switzerland Spalea Offline
Wildanimal Lover

@tigerluver :

About #63: thank you for your answer ! Nothing is certain, all the T-Rex mystery remains unsettled...  Close to Scotty and Sue, lions and tigers are twins for sure ! It's blatant to see that the Scotty's skull is more powerful thant the Sue's. OK the life of the T-Rex could be a long life (more than 40 or 50 years), and if one of them was young, whereas the other one was old... Dubious. Agree with you, we could believe to be in front of the skulls of two different species of carnivorous dinosaurs.

Fascinating !

I had read the book by Horner "The real T-Rex", the book that might show "the definitive and absolute depiction" of the T-Rex. In hindsight, we made 10 steps forward before completely moving back... The charm of the paleontology.
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