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The Allocene Collection

A few years ago, I had started an entirely new thread relating to a speculative biology project called the "Allocene Project". The Allocene mostly deals with animals in a time period long after human habitation, with various theories as to which animal groups would be dominant. During the drawing of the attachments shown below, I was thinking that giant rodents and amphibians would soon take over after the human extinction. 

Rodents, because they can easily breed rapidly under more strict conditions and are extremely adaptable. With an increase in global warming, some regions would be absolutely uninhabitable (many parts of the equator, grasslands, flats) and the mainland US, China, Argentina, Australia, and Europe would be very habitable with excess vegetation. With that comes prey, and with excess prey comes more adaptable and larger rodents. As vegetation of this sort becomes widespread, selection pressures would gradually shift to prefer large, predatory rodents capable of ambush predatory behavior and heavy protections (fur, longer claws, etc...). Some of these are tons in weight.

Amphibians, because the remaining habitable places are going to experience a lot more rain and flooding than usual. Mosses and flora blooms would occur which would vastly increase the prey base in pluvial areas which would increase the amount of amphibian presence in the area. Of course, this means an increase an amphibian predators and larger ones too. Same situation as the giant rodents, some are tons in weight.










In the Allocene, it is a predator's market!
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