There is a world somewhere between reality and fiction. Although ignored by many, it is very real and so are those living in it. This forum is about the natural world. Here, wild animals will be heard and respected. The forum offers a glimpse into an unknown world as well as a room with a view on the present and the future. Anyone able to speak on behalf of those living in the emerald forest and the deep blue sea is invited to join.
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What has happened to this site???

United States NCAT33 Offline

There used to be regular updates on lion activity at the different parks and surrounding areas, and the prides/coalitions and their stories. Now there's only discussions about the size of lions in certain areas, which is not that interesting quite frankly.
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Norway Pantherinae Offline
Bigcat Enthusiast
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You are welcome to start a discussion and even new threads for you’re self if you like. 

The members here are discuss what we find interesting with animals, everyone can discuss what ever they want and you can as well. 

It’s true that most here find predation, strength and size interesting, but we like induviduals and coalitions interesting too, If you want to share something you are welcome to do so. 
Personally I haven’t found a new coalition that I connect especially much with after the mapogos, majingilanes, notches or Renoka&Lekan. If I do I will probably dig into them.... :)

India Rishi Offline
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(01-30-2019, 03:20 AM)NCAT33 Wrote: There used to be regular updates on lion activity at the different parks and surrounding areas, and the prides/coalitions and their stories. 

The most discussed topics usually keep changing with time... or some posters maybe less active recently.

You should try to nudge the attention that way or follow the parks' official sources & post the updates here yourself. That'll get other member to chip in too.
"Everything not saved will be lost."

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France Silver60 Offline
New Member

Without the Majingilanes lion's world is not the same anymore Disappointed
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