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Siberian tigers & Amur leopards Photography tours! Come to discover wild Russia!

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(02-14-2019, 08:35 PM)Wolverine Wrote: Looks like there is no snow on the ground. It's known that winters in your region are dry and cold, but didn't think that they are so dry. Should be enough grass and food for the herbivores.

In fact this is the driest winter ever and it means there are many forest fires than. This is a problem.
But finally we had snow several days ago, it melted on the second day.
On the North of our region it is about 50 cm snow in taiga and enormous amount of fresh tigers footprints.)
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Russian Federation Olga.bohai Offline
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Here are some videos and pictures from our Amur Leopard Photography Tour. Videos are by camera traps, pictures by our successful tourist Abilash Sekar, enjoy!

The guys called the tiger The owner of Ussuri taiga and the Leopard is its mysterious spirit. They behavior differs so much!

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