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Dinosaur news

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@johnny rex :

About #165: the link you gave...

Yes interesting but, for the moment, only purely speculative. At first supposing that 2,5 billion of t.rex roamed the Earth, and from that of course it's very easy to state we know nothing about T-rex. I don't know but this number of 2,5 billions of T-rex having roamed through the Earth (for the moment only a part of the North America continent, Alberta and Montana essentially) during 2-3 millions years. We are speaking about an apex predator... this figure seems a little too overestimated...

Personally I don't believe at all "a 5 tons T-rex" when we are depicting an adult t-rex. It is said a spinosaurus could weigh 15 tons. It's absurd if we compare both skeletons, T-rex and spinosaurus. Spinosaurus close to a t-rex is a gracile theropod. He certainly didn't weigh more than 10 tons. In this case t-rex could have weighed 12 tons easily. Your link speaks about a 33.000 pounds t-rex... Why not ?

The fact is: the fossilization is an exceptional event. And because of that we don't know yet anything about dinosaurs. We're only speculating about exceptional events.

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How smart were dinosaurs? Were dinosaurs as smart as primates? The debate over theropod intelligence is a continuing one, with factors like EQ and neuron density competing for respect in the scientific community. With isotropic fractionation, we learned that it's possible for dinosaurs as smart as primates to have existed. Megatheropods may have been among the most intelligent dinosaurs. How smart was T.rex? T.rex, if its neuron density was similar to those of its close avian relatives rather than nonavian reptiles, could be smarter than a baboon.
Dinosaur intelligence is a constantly shifting science, but a technique known as isotropic fractionation may hold the key to unlocking the secrets of ancient dinosaur brains. Suzana Herculano-Houzel investigated dinosaur neuron density and discovered that some theropods may have been as intelligent as primates and modern corvids, suggesting complex problem-solving, tool use, and culture building even in the world's largest terrestrial predators.

A very interesting video dated from January 2023 about the great variety as concerns the intelligence of the dinosaurs. Indeed the sauropods, ornitischians, and so on were surely "not very bright animals", but as concerns the theropods, it's amazing ! Our famous T-Rex could be compared with the extant ravens.
Question: if it was the case, the relation predatory-prey could have resulted as a pure slaugther, couldn'it ?
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Small video about the biggest, but not well known, theropod on Earth during the Jurassik period: saurophaganax.

" Saurophaganax maximus was the biggest theropod in the Jurassic Period, but remains relatively obscure despite being the biggest apex predator in North America besides Tyrannosaurus. New data indicates that not only was it a beast in the same league as the biggest megatheropods, but it was a sauropod-hunting grappler with powerful arms, claws, and other adaptations for taking down the giants of the Morrison Formation. This video analyzes Saurophaganax's life, ecology, and size in order to create the new authoritative guide to the animal. Saurophaganax may be a dark horse in the megatheropod race, but it might be bigger than popular giants like Carcharodontosaurus and Spinosaurus when it comes to the largest specimens of each species. Is Saurophaganax different from Allosaurus? Saurophaganax coexisted with other large predators like Torvosaurus and Allosaurus, and may have hunted huge sauropods like the Kenton Giants, Barosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Diplodocus. Including the gigantic specimen Leviathan, Saurophaganax was the second-largest North American theropod, only behind Tyrannosaurus itself in terms of overall mass. "

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