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Blue Whale - Balaenoptera musculus

Saudi Arabia OrcaDaBest Offline

This thread will be for information,Vids and pictures of Blue whales.

Set in the tropical waters of Sri Lanka, the story follows underwater photographer Patrick Dykstra’s journey to photograph the blue whale. Revisiting the same spot off the Sri Lankan coast every year, Patrick became one of the first photographers to document the local blue whale population. Using technology to his advantage, he could photograph both above and below – capturing the immense size of the animals.

Baby blue whale with its mother

Some drone footage of blue whales

astonishing footage of blue whales. i rewatched this vid multiple times just looking at how huge these creatures are!.
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United Kingdom Sully Offline
Ecology & Rewilding

Blue whales can engulf more than their own body mass when feeding, this is a good illustration of how they perform that feat

*This image is copyright of its original author

A perfectly inelastic collision: Bulk prey engulfment by baleen whales and dynamical implications for the world's largest cetaceans (
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