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Bears as Predators ~

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Female Brown bear killed a young adult female bison

*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author

The five-year-old European bison became the food of the Bieszczady bears. Three bears foraging for many hours were filmed by a forester.

"The forester Jan Duell found the remains of a bison in the Roztoki forestry a week ago, when he and his son went for a walk in the forest. Since 1995, he has been monitoring the life of bison and bears for the needs of various scientific institutions. He photographs their tracks, collects faecal samples, on the basis of which the animal nutrition is determined."

"When he found a dead, half-eaten bison, and the traces indicated that bears were feeding there, he installed a camera with a photocell on one of the nearby trees. Thanks to this, it was possible to photograph three bears feasting on the remains of a 500 kg bison. - It was quite a feast. It started around 4.20 and she finished between 18 and 19 - she says. As the recording shows, all the bears shared their food fairly, none was more privileged."

"After analyzing the photos and tracks, the foresters believe that the bison has become food for a female bear and two one-year old bear cubs. After the autopsy performed at the beginning of the week and the inspection of the killed bison, there is no doubt that the animal was killed by a bear. - Żubrzyca was stunned with a powerful paw blow. When we examined it, it turned out that one vertebra was missing in the spine - that was how strong the blow was. She was a five-year-old female in fairly good shape, says Duell.

A large amount of droppings and numerous lairs near the carcass indicate that the bears have been feeding there for many days. The foresters also found traces of the European bison being dragged over a distance of several meters, which prove the enormous strength of predators. In addition to bears, ravens, buzzards, hawks and small forest birds also feed on carrion.,34...rzyce.html

*This image is copyright of its original author

Another report of the same incident:

"The Bieszczady bison, even though they are rightly called "emperors' of the forests, sometimes fall prey to predators. It happened that young bison disconnected from the herd were gnawed by packs of wolves. This time, a few-year-old European bison fell prey to the bears in the Baligród Forest District."

"The dead animal, partially eaten, was found on Saturday, December 4, in the Roztoki forestry by the forester Jan Duell, who went for a forest walk with his son Kajetan. Numerous traces around indicated bear feeding. The forester installed a camera with a photocell on one of the nearby trees, which recorded the view the next night, confirming the assumptions. On the frosty night from Saturday to Sunday, three bears came to the carcass; most likely a mother with two almost one year old cubs. On Monday, December 6, an autopsy and detailed examination of the dead bison were performed, which also indicated that the perpetrator was a bear."....

"This was evidenced by an extensive internal stroke in the area of the spine, which is a trace of a powerful bear's paw blow - says Marcin Scelina, a forester participating in the inspection. - A large amount of droppings and numerous lairs near the carcass indicate that the bears have been feeding here for many days. Traces of the European bison being dragged over a distance of several meters were also found, proving the enormous strength of predators."

"Apart from bears, carcasses are also fed by ravens, buzzards, hawks and small forest birds."
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