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Lion pictures and videos

United States tigerluver Offline
Prehistoric Feline Expert

So I've just caught up on the mess this thread is going toward and have temporarily (may become permanent) deleted off topic posts. @Garfield , @sanjay has already asked you to not repost common photos. We all miss things once in a while but it seems you are ignoring his request. Please keep strictly on topic. You may post any pictures and videos of lions here, but baiting a versus debate is strictly forbidden.
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India sanjay Online
Wildanimal Enthusiast
( This post was last modified: 06-29-2017, 12:22 PM by sanjay )

Defiantly Lion are muscular and powerful and some are more robust than other, so the tigers, leopards, Jaguar and even grass eating animal. This vary form individual to individual and habitat to habitat.
@Garfield you don't seems to be mature enough and your mission is to prove lion superiority over other animal specially tigers.
Your images and videos are nice and we appreciate it, but the words you are using is not acceptable. If you want to continue here, keep posting about Lions images and videos and you can happily add text in describing about that particular lion, for example: "Powerful male lion". But don't do compare and blames other members. If you will do you will out.

Thread is closed for few days.
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