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  Birmingham Pride of lions
Posted by: TinoArmando - Yesterday, 04:28 AM - Forum: Lion - Replies (21)

*This image is copyright of its original author
Hello Everyone!
Facebook page:

Following the Birmingham Pride of Lions. The Birmingham pride is the prominent pride of Ngala Private Game Reserve,and the only in Greater Kruger thats contains wild white (leucistics lions). Birmingham pride status: The Birmingham pride currently consists of five adult lionesses, eight sub-adults born approximately between September 2018 and March 2019, and two cubs born in late March-early April 2020. The current dominant coalition of the Birmingham Pride are two males known as the Ross Males, who took over the Pride in early 2018.
Thanks BA0701 for the permission to created this new thread about the legendary Birmingham pride
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  big cat strength
Posted by: sanjay - 10-24-2020, 09:46 PM - Forum: Wild Cats - No Replies
I guess it can fit in any existing thread?

Though nice video
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  What exactly is a panther?
Posted by: sanjay - 10-24-2020, 11:30 AM - Forum: Questions - Replies (4)
I have seen conflicting views in definition of panther. Some says, Leopard, Puma, Jaguar, Snow Leopard, Caracal are called Panther. Other says only Leopard and Puma are Panther.

Few have also claims only Black species of Leopard and Puma are Panther? While few other add black jaguar in this list.

So, What we include in panther?
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Rainbow Whale Shark
Posted by: scilover - 10-23-2020, 08:12 AM - Forum: Aquatic Animals and Amphibians - No Replies
The whale shark could be a slow-moving, filter-feeding carpet shark and the biggest known extant angle species. The biggest affirmed person had a length of 18.8 m. The whale shark holds numerous records for an estimate within the creature kingdom, most eminently being by distant the biggest living nonmammalian vertebrate.

Fair look past the tail of the blue whale to a spot tall on the divider underneath a curve to the correct at the back of the corridor. Not at all like whales, sharks are not warm-blooded animals but have a place to gather of cartilaginous fishes. The whale shark (Rhinodon typus) gains the title “whale” exclusively since of its size.

Whale sharks are exceedingly esteemed on worldwide markets. Request for their meat, balances, and oil remains a danger to the species, especially by unregulated fisheries. They are casualties of bycatch, the inadvertent capture of non-target species in angling adapt.

*This image is copyright of its original author

Whale sharks have a wide dispersion in tropical and warm mild oceans, ordinarily between scopes 30°N and 35°S. They are known to possess both profound and shallow coastal waters and the tidal ponds of coral atolls and reefs. Australia is one of the foremost dependable areas to discover whale sharks.

Here are a few photographs of whale sharks :

*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author

What zoo has a whale shark?

1. Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, US. At Georgia Aquarium is located largest tank in the World. Ocean Voyager holds 24 million liters (6.3 million US gallons) of water and was specially designed to house whale sharks, the largest fish species in the world.

:) :)
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  Blue Whale - Balaenoptera musculus
Posted by: OrcaDaBest - 10-22-2020, 05:29 PM - Forum: Aquatic Animals and Amphibians - No Replies
This thread will be for information,Vids and pictures of Blue whales.

Set in the tropical waters of Sri Lanka, the story follows underwater photographer Patrick Dykstra’s journey to photograph the blue whale. Revisiting the same spot off the Sri Lankan coast every year, Patrick became one of the first photographers to document the local blue whale population. Using technology to his advantage, he could photograph both above and below – capturing the immense size of the animals.

Baby blue whale with its mother

Some drone footage of blue whales

astonishing footage of blue whales. i rewatched this vid multiple times just looking at how huge these creatures are!.
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  Pleistocene Cave Art
Posted by: KRA123 - 10-13-2020, 01:32 PM - Forum: Prehistoric animals - Replies (1)
This is a thread for the appreciation, analysis and discussion of Pleistocene cave art from around the world. Cave art, also called parietal art, includes cave paintings, as well as all forms of engraved rock art, other petroglyphs, and any relief sculpture carved on walls, floors or ceilings. Since this is an animal forum, it's probably best to stick to cave art that represents animals, living or extinct.

For the inaugural post, here is an image of the famous Black Stag painting from the walls of the Lascaux Cave in France. The photo is from Don's Maps

*This image is copyright of its original author

 It is often thought to be a depiction of the well-known extinct deer Megaloceros giganteus, aka the Irish Elk, but I think it is clearly a representation of a far more familiar animal - the fallow deer! I did a full write up of the reasoning which led me to this conclusion, and you can find that here. I think it's a little strange that fallow deer were given such an imposing portrayal in the cave, but there are large paintings of other medium sized animals in the Lascaux caves - in  particular, of horses.
 If this painting is really of a fallow deer, which I think it really seems to be, then that means means there is one less "Megaloceros" depiction to refer to when trying to reconstruct that animal, but the ones in Cosquer and Chauvet are still there, and I think the Black Stag painting was a bit at-odds with these other depictions anyways.
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  Animal gifs
Posted by: cheetah - 10-12-2020, 11:00 PM - Forum: Miscellaneous - No Replies
Animal gifs over here
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  Zanzibar Leopard
Posted by: cheetah - 10-10-2020, 12:41 AM - Forum: Leopard - Replies (1)
Info about zanzibar leopard
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  Can somebody give me all the accounts of cheetah vs hyena
Posted by: cheetah - 10-10-2020, 12:31 AM - Forum: Questions - No Replies
Can somebody give me all the accounts of cheetah vs hyena
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  Mountain lion
Posted by: cheetah - 10-04-2020, 10:01 PM - Forum: Wild Cats - Replies (4)
Hello in this thread we share info,pics and videos about mountain lion.
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