There is a world somewhere between reality and fiction. Although ignored by many, it is very real and so are those living in it. This forum is about the natural world. Here, wild animals will be heard and respected. The forum offers a glimpse into an unknown world as well as a room with a view on the present and the future. Anyone able to speak on behalf of those living in the emerald forest and the deep blue sea is invited to join.
--- Peter Broekhuijsen ---

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WildFact Vision and Aim

peter Online
Co-owner of Wildfact
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Destruction and restoration

In the last century, humans excelled in destruction. The consequences were severe. Tomorrow, however, we will excel in restoration. Decisions are all-important, but it starts with insight and attitudes. Attitudes are a result of research and very real changes like climate change, but articles and documentaries are important as well. Same, we think, for forums. 


When we started, we never thought we would exceed 14 million views in just over 5 years. I'm not saying we made a difference, but it's very likely Wildfact contributed in the department of awareness in some way.

The question is why so many are interested. A friend in Germany gave me the answer. When I visited him, he said it felt like he entered a different world when he visited the forum. A world he didn't know. A kind of parallel world. It's there and then it isn't. Visiting Wildfact enabled him to enter that world at will. In a way, it compared to a movie he recently saw. I'm referring to Jumanji. Jumanji is the name of a game that only exists in movies. Once you start the game, you can't quit. And when you leave the game, it feels like you leave a world you don't want to leave. A world you don't want to forget.

And that, friends and neighbours, is the aim of this forum.


In Russia and China, reforestation projects have been running for some time. In Europe, Spain is doing the same. Big firms can 'buy' shares of firms involved in reforestation projects in northern parts of the country.

Sully recently posted an article about reforestation projects in the UK. Over here (Netherlands), the attitude on cattle and forest is changing as well. Farmers now involved in breeding meat will start breeding forest soon. The reason in most cases is political decisions. And money, of course. Moneywise, breeding meat still is encouraged in Europe. In a few years from now, breeding forest will become much more rewarding for farmers. The times are changing, that is.

To our members and readers

You most definitely made a difference. We hope you will continue to contribute and read and wish you a Happy New Year. On behalf of Sanjay and all mods,

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United Kingdom Ingonyama6 Offline

So our great forum, WildFact is pretty old, six years right now. We have so many great information about animals and too many great and noble animal enthusiasts. We ain't no fanboys. My question is, how long will we keep WildFact running? Should we close it at some point or we will abandon it like the old AVA?

India sanjay Offline
Co-owner of Wildfact

Nothing in this world is permanent, So far  we as team with the help of members are trying to run it. We have some common interest and some goal to take this to next level, Not sure if we will succeed.
The reason for uncertainty is that we are all maintaining it as a side interest, just like volunteers. Everyone has their priority and then with left time, they come here.

So we will try to make it a sustainable working model, but not sure when.
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cheetah Offline

Wild fact is amazing
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Malaysia scilover Offline

would say that the existence of wildfact gives me more facts and knowledge about animals. and I'm blessed with that.
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MatijaSever Offline
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(06-09-2020, 11:32 PM)Ingonyama6 Wrote: So our great forum, WildFact is pretty old, Viberate six years right now. Nakiri knives We have so many great information about animals and too many great and noble animal enthusiasts. We ain't no fanboys. My question is, how long will we keep WildFact running? Should we close it at some point or we will abandon it like the old AVA?
Ah, the age-old question of online forums – to persist or to gracefully retire into the digital sunset.

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