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What is your preferred way to book a wildlife safari tour

India sanjay Offline
Wildanimal Enthusiast

In the era of internet and online world it is easy to get things done easily. Since online booking of movie tickets, plane tickets, train tickets and many other thing is very easy and preferred therefore I am thinking about what is your preferred way to book a safari?
Since it involves many things plus significant amount of money, therefore people still book their safari through agency and local contacts. But now days there are online website which also allow you to book safari online, not only this you can also compare prices of different agencies along with facilities they are providing. So if you plan a tour, then how do you prefer to book it ?

Please explain with Pros and Cons and suggest other members what to do and what to avoid during booking of safari tour. I request specially those members who have already visited many wildlife parks in different country to share your experience
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United States Pckts Offline
Bigcat Enthusiast

My preferred way to book is to make contact first.
I reach out to them whether on their "contact us" link or through a social media outlet.
I prefer the SM outlet since I can actually get to know them, I then ask for a quote, I try to get a few of them.
While I'm waiting for a quote I begin to study.
Once I receive the quote, I review it and the locations I will be staying.
I learn about my options, weigh them out and try to get other peoples input.
Once confident in my choice, I pull the trigger.

Booking a safari now a days is highly competitive, there are many companies who can provide a service for you.
But make sure you develop a relationship with them, you're trusting them with 1000s of dollars, (or whatever your currency is) you don't want to give that type of money over on "faith" you should know who you're booking with.
All companies who are serious about their job will have no problem answering any questions you have.
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India olivergreen Offline
New Member

Its not easy in India to get confirmed tickets for National Parks and so far my experience have been:

1. Tadoba National Park, near Nagpur: Came here 3 hours earlier and got the canter tickets.
2. Corbett National Park, got assistance from my hotel (can't remember the name of the hotel), but we got jeep ride for 3.
3. Ranthambore National Park, a Jaipur travel agency, Rajputana Cabs, gave us tickets on the tour date, they must have some local team there,
4. Tal Chappar century, please visit guys as its amazing but sadly people don't visit it often, so got tickets at the gate.

But I would love to get confirmed online tickets for such sites which sadly isn't happening Sad
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