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What extinct species would you like to reintroduce?

India brotherbear Offline
Grizzly Enthusiast

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 Grizzly  - Boss of the Woods.
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India parvez Offline
Tiger Maharshi

I would like to introduce Caspian tigers into the wild with 100℅caspian genes. I am not big fan of the programme which introduces Siberian tigers there.
with help of Wisdom of the god
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United States smedz Offline
Regular Member

I'd like to reintroduce cougars to my home state.

United States Lycaon Offline
أسد الأطلس

I would like to see lions leopards and cheetahs return to my home country of lebanon.
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Norway Pantherinae Offline
Bigcat Enthusiast

Hard question, as many predators and herbivores for that matter was pushed to extinction by humans. So I wouldn’t mind having the large extinct carnivores back in Europe haha. If that was remotely possible though.

But in serriousness Barbary lions and Caspian tigers(pure) would be absolutley fantastic! 
Me neither is a big fan of reintroducing siberian tigers.
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Switzerland Spalea Offline
Wildanimal Lover

Hmmm, extant tigers, lions, leopards and bears in great number. And, just to be a little mad, pantera atrox in America, Cave lions in europa and Asia, big elephants herds around Asia and America, woolly rhinoceros...

I'm dreaming too much, now.
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United Kingdom Sully Offline
Ecology and Conservation

I think the reintroduction of the thylacine would do Oceania a world of good
"When the tiger stalks the jungle like the lowering clouds of a thunderstorm, the leopard moves as silently as mist drifting on a dawn wind." -Indian proverb
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