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Tiger Strength

India sanjay Offline
Wildanimal Enthusiast

I said... do not compare lion and tiger and you don't understand... Nice stay here...
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United States Polar Offline
Polar Bear Enthusiast

(12-02-2017, 02:26 AM)BARKA Wrote:
(12-01-2017, 01:25 AM)sanjay Wrote: I know, you are not going to stop, So I have to create new thread on discussion section.
Point 1-5 can be discussed. BUT point 6 is not accepted here. Putting tiger strength above lions and bear is clearly show you are obsessed with Tiger. There is no validated data which proves supremacy of tigers, tigers as predators in its ecosystem is as powerful as other predator in their ecosystem. Don't impose your observation on others, its only you who thinks all these, there is no single member here who will say tiger is much more powerful than a lion or bear. People are much mature here and they have passed the phase that you are passing by.

When you joined the forum you tried to bring the Lion vs Tiger debate, But mods didn't allowed and now you are trying to put it an other way. If you want post data and information go ahead and post in relevant thread, but don't try to emphasize the posts about tiger supremacy over other top predators, specially when there is very less approved data of the wild animals interaction.


First of all, i'm not trying to put Tigers over lions or bears, just to promote "Tiger supremacy" or something. If what i'm saying is NOT a fact, then please explain to me, why ALL, not some...but all of the world's big cat experts widely acknowledge the TIGER as the worlds strongest and most powerful Cat??...

A Pitbull is a very strong dog, but it doesn't mean it has the same strength as a Rottweiler! You actually think the lion, bear and tiger are equal? I'm not talking about one on one fights, because Peter doesn't want that on the forum and i prefer not to because it just turns into heated debates and flame wars, so its best to avoid that on a forum like this. But, you need to understand, that even though Tigers, lions and bears are all large predatory animals, that doesn't mean their equal, period. I already explained that every animal is unique and has their own unique physical attributes and you know that, so stop denying it.

Yeah, larger Bears are definately stronger, but not more powerful then Tigers or lions. Reason being...the difference between strength and power is, that a Tiger can generate its strength in a far more explosive and quicker manner, then any Bear can. Bears are more like Sumo-wrestlers, just brute strength, not explosive. Its a big difference! The Tiger is more like a powerful martial artist and the Bear like a Sumo-wrestler. The fighter has the more powerful punches and kicks and the wrestler can move and pull more weight. 

So i'm openly admitting that the larger Bears are stronger then Tigers and lions, while the big cats are built for more raw power. If a Bear tryed to takedown a Bull Gaur, 1 ton Water buffalo or an adult Rhino, it would get smashed completely! Bears are simply not built to take on large powerful herbivores like the big Cats. They'd be much more effective in a fight against another predator. You need to get what i'm trying to say....every animal is unique and possesses different attributes, and some animals are just built superior and have been gifted with a greater physicality.

You guys act like i'm saying a Tigers life is worth more then a Bears or lions, which is a sick, vile thing to even think of. All animals deserve to be respected and admired, but PHYSICALLY, their not all equal, and any Wildlife expert on the face of this earth will tell you that for a fact. If you're gonna have that mentality, you might aswell agree that a Bear can takedown an adult Rhino or Elephant and predate on large Gaurs, and a lion can swim as good as a Tiger or Jaguar, and kill adult Crocs in the water!!

You need to read my posts properly and try and see what i'm trying to tell you. There's no so-called "Tiger supremacy" promoting going on over here, its just facts that you guys are to afraid to acknowledge.

You said, no member on this forum thinks that Tigers are more powerful then lions or, that doesn't prove anything. The REAL wildlife experts all agree with me and agree for a fact that the Tiger is the world's most powerful land predator.....I think i'm better of taking their word for it, instead of some forum members!

I used to believe that big cats were more powerful than bears, and bears simply having more brute strength than big cats. But once I looked at data that analyzed their muscle fiber types and where they are distributed, I can say that this statement is quite wrong as the fiber composition is too complicated to say which one is clearly more powerful or not. Believe it or not, bears have just as fast of reflexes and response times as cats and bigger bears (300 to 500-kg) can be just as quick as a normal-sized big cat. Even between primates and carnivores, it is still very hard to tell which areas of their body are more powerful than the other (except that carnivores have much more fast-twitch fibers), unless it is a mechanical advantage (like a tiger's elastic heel allowing it to jump higher).
"We are all programmed by modern society into narcissism and pessimism, unlike our earlier relatives."

- Max Igan
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India parvez Online
Senior Member

@Polar interesting. Please show me the sources.
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United States paul cooper Offline

Watch as this tiger is pulling on this 1 inch rope.. You can see he loosens it up and before the scene switches you can clearly see the rope kinda ripped up and is loose.
That is some serious strength especially adding that a 1 girth inch rope requires 8000 pounds to break.
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