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Study finds dogs can accurately sniff out cancer in blood samples

Canada Kingtheropod Offline
Bigcat Expert

Study finds dogs can accurately sniff out cancer in blood samples

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"Scientists believe they have found a new way to detect cancer and it involves man's best friend.
Researchers at BioScentDX conducted a study where dogs were able to pick out blood samples from patients who had been diagnosed with malignant lung cancer.
Researchers trained four beagles to smell the difference between the normal blood samples and those with lung cancer cells.
Three of the dogs were able to accurately detect the lung cancer samples almost 97% of the time.
However, one of the beagles named Snuggles seemed unmotivated to participate in the study.
Researchers hope this will eventually lead to new non-invasive ways to screen for cancer and other deadly disease.
The team has plans too continue their research in November, but this time they will use breast caner samples."
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smedz Offline
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Holy cow........looks like Dr. Canine could be an actual thing.
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Australia GreenGrolar Offline
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Dogs have a much stronger sense of smell than we have. Since Labradors can sniff out drugs, this does not come as a surprise.

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