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Rare and Abnormal Behaviour of Animals

India sanjay Offline
Wildanimal Enthusiast
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This thread is dedicated to report any story, images, videos or any kind of information that tells about Unusual or bizarre behaviors of animal like Big cats, Herbivores, Marine animals, Insects and Birds.
Some time animals do weird activities which is very uncommon in scientific study. So I request you to post your findings in this thread. Please do post proper information, not only links

I will start,

Male Tiger Mates With 2 Females at a Time

This is an unusual and rare incident that took place in Tadoba National Park, India. As reported by The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge:

Recently, a rare natural history moment was recorded in the park by one of our lodge naturalists.

It is a dream for everyone to witness special behaviours of the tigers in the wild. Similarly, our guests were delighted to see a pair of tigers mating during one of their safaris at Alizanza zone. To their luck, they actually saw something very rare and surprising.

‘We saw a male tiger lying on the ground on a hot afternoon, he was calm and relaxed. He got up and stood the ground when our guide saw a tigress raising her head in the stream bed glancing at the male. She immediately got into the mating position and the male tiger mounted on her. They heard a loud roar as they ended their mating.

The female lied down on her back, like typically cats do; and the male sat down next to her. Within next few minutes, another female appears from the thickets and offered him the mating position. The male took an opportunity to mate with her too. Once the mating finishes with the second female, the male sits as a barrier in between the two females to avoid conflicts between them.

We have heard about tigers mating for days together but, to see two females mate with one male at the same time was something rare!’, says Arjun M Bharadwaj  Naturalist at The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge.

Below is the some images, credit to Arjun M Bharadwaj

*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author

Original source:
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India Sanju Offline

Have you ever seen a bird doing this??

*This image is copyright of its original author

Lying flat on the ground with wings wide open sticking to the ground.

Wow! it seems that the bird, in the above picture, the Malkoha had some good time last night and he partied really hard.

Also, Mr Brown Thrasher joined him. And he is also high now,

*This image is copyright of its original author

he.. he.

Jokes apart, why all these birds are lying flat on the ground with their wings spread?? The reason will definitely make you admire these birds and mother nature.
Well, In the above images, the birds are doing, what is called Anting.

So what does it mean?
Birds wings have feathers and every now and then, parasites and small insect get into the feathers to suck blood and do whatever ill they can. This makes the birds uncomfortable.
But birds are smart. To get rid of these parasites and insects, birds first find an ant colony, and then they lie flat on these ants colonies?

Now, you will ask, “Are these birds are on a suicide mission?” But, let me tell you, this where the bird’s beauty lies.
These cheeky birds, let the ants enter their feathers, and I hope you know what ants have…. FORMIC ACID. Yes, the ant secrete formic acid inside the feathers, and you will be amazed to know that this acid is a very good insecticide.

Thus, the birds use an ants weapon to get rid of their problem i.e parasites. On top of that, some very intelligent birds, perched on a branch after the anting process, and eat the ants still sticking. How merciless and selfish is that??

Also, some birds later do preening, which means, they spread the formic acid throughout the wings with the help of their beaks, which looks something like this:

*This image is copyright of its original author

Ain’t that amazing???

I mean, how smart they are and when they will stop amazing us?? I think never.
These birds are very genius, and I still think that they have a high IQ than a foolish person like me, who stalk them.

credit to Ketan Pande  Wow
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