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POLL: What should the Redskins' new name be? (Vote Red Wolves and raise awareness!)

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The Ashburn-based Washington Redskins are considering changing their name, and a number of potential new names have been suggested.  
Vote Red Wolves Please Everyone ! That Way We could make an impact on Red Wolves Conservation, Protection and particurlary awareness in the entire american football community !
VOTE RED Wolves and Raise Awareness !!!!!

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When I click, I see: '451 - Unavailable due to legal reasons'. 


Here's 3 good reasons to adopt the proposal for the new name.

1 - The new name isn't very different from the old. For a well-known brand, that's important. 

2 - It's a unique name for a unique team and a unique species. Doesn't get any better. 

3 - Last but not least, it fits a trend.  

Conservation isn't quite on the list of big firms and their representatives (politicians), but people, including not a few millionaires and billionaires (referring to their recently published letter on taxes), really want to see structural changes. For young people in particular, conservation already is a priority. In the very near future, conservation no doubt will top the list of many millions of voters confronted with the ever more frequent and often devastating results of pollution, climate change and neglect. 

Using the name of a iconic and severely threatened species living close to home would be a very fitting step in the right direction. A step that will result in a lot of attention and goodwill. My guess is the one responsible for sponsoring will agree.
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@peter, copy this url and paste in your browser
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