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lonesome george

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Lonesome George is a 39 year old male Bigg's transient killer whale.


He was first sighted in the late 1990’s in the company of another young male. CA165 has never been observed to have a close connection with any matriline or specific group of killer whales, leading researchers to believe he is an orphan or has broken off from his family group. However, he’s often seen traveling with another potentially orphaned male, CA171B Fatfin.

Physical Appearance

George is one of the biggest killer whales ever recorded, with an estimated length of 30-33 feet. He is a large, round whale, with a dorsal fin towering at a possible 6.5 feet in height. His dorsal is noticeably wobbly due to its sheer height. The very tip curls slightly to his right side in a hook shape.

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