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Is Jaguar capable of killing big crocodiles ?

Canada DinoFan83 Offline
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(10-29-2019, 03:34 AM)Pckts Wrote: 1: You're going off a single study from years ago, Caiman suffered extreme hunting. 100s or thousands killed every year, since their numbers have returned so has their size and this has a direct correlation with Jaguar numbers and sizes as well.
In the meeting of 3 rivers alone, you have a density of 65 adult individuals and from the time of Almeidas book where some of their largest cats were 120kg you now see many over 130kgs -140kg or more.
Like I've said, I've seen 1000s of Caiman, my source is my eyes, guides like Paulo and people like @epaiva will all confirm that they can get to 10' and 100kg as well.

2: I've seen a few claims of Jags killing black Caiman as well, but also dont think a Jaguar can kill an adult Black Caiman, especially since Jags are smaller in the Amazon compared to the Pantanal as well.

3: The claim of them hunting by ambush is pointless, the reason they ambush is because those Caiman are gone the sec they suspect any cat near them. This is strictly because they are all prey and nothing more, why would they stick around and fight an animal that hunts them every chance they get?

4: You've never seen Jaguars hunting Caiman in deep water then dragging their bodies up sand banks?
I suggest you look through the "jaguar predation" thread from start to finish. You'll see many videos of that happening along with black Caiman claims and some videos as well, although I believe the videos are staged and so do most of the guides I've spoken to about it.

1: So, nowadays spectacled and yacare caimans are 100-130 kg? I could certainly see a few, very, very big caimans of that size but until further confirmation I still believe the sizes I first stated.
2: I agree with you on that. A 300-500 kg black caiman is definitely too much for a 55-95 kg jaguar
3: How do we know these caiman aren't smaller than the jaguars? If I was a predator who was being hunted by a significantly larger predator I would high-tail it out of there no matter what
4: Yes, many of those types of videos are staged as is the anaconda vs 2 jaguars. Most of this kind of thing you see on the internet isn't to be taken seriously.

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