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Intraspecific conflicts, no canids or felids

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Since there are a lot of species outside of felids and canids, which have interesting and sometimes really impressive conflicts/confrontations, this thread can be used to highlight those from other postings.

I start this one with two alligators. Very interesting to hear sounds even though a short clip. Btw... also when talking about bite forces, we don´t see head crushing here. I point this out because so often people talk about "superior bite forces", here once again it can be seen, that some theoretical or even proven bite force, when biting something with a really good bite and not too thick object isn´t quite the same as situation is when bite isn´t perfect. I really don´t think, that crocodiles can bite so hard, when object is mostly there, where animals usually have canines, with crocodiles it could be said, that when in frontal part of jaws. 


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This is from Finland and earlier this month, May 2020. The person who filmed the video in article was fishing with his friend, when they noticed three sea eagles fighting on the sky. After some fight one sea eagle dropped and splashed to the water. These people observing it were surprised, when eagle looked around and started to swim towards a small island approximately 300 meters away. They followed the eagle and were ready to save it with the net used to take fish out of the water if that eagle would have got in trouble. But eagle managed to swim to the island after half an hour. Then it was there resting while seagulls were annoyed and harassed it a bit . After 10 minutes it was ok and flew away.

Quite interesting incident and luckily sea eagle was ok, there aren´t too many of them. Hopefully video is functional for all.
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