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Hillocks, hills, volcanoes and mountains

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Hillocks, hills or mountains of Al-Hijaz (الحجاز), in and around the city of Makkah (مكّة): 

The hillock of As-Safa (الصّفا); credit: Imam Khairul-Annas (5th of September, 2013; 07:57:17) 

The hillock of Al-Marwah (المروة); credit: Aiman titi (24th of October, 2012; 18:33:12) 

Jabal Abu Qubays (جبل أبو قبيس, Mountain (or Hill) of the Father of Qubais), which is covered by buildings to the right; credit: Saudi Pics 

Jabal An-Nur (جبل النّور, Mountain of Light), by Wal N. (27th of December, 2007; 14:01) 

Ghar Hira’ (غار حراء, Cave of Hira’) by Nazli

Jabal Thawr (جبل ثور, Mount Bull); credit: Accor 

Ghar Thawr (غار ثور, Cave of Bull); credit: Voice of Islam 

Mina (منى); credit: Aiman titi (14th of November, 2011) 

A tilted unusual photograph of Muzdalifah (مزدلفة) when it is empty; credit: Q. N. Mufaddal (7th of April, 2011; 11:23 U.T.C.) 

Jabal Ar-Rahmah (جبل الرّحمة, Mount of the Mercy) in the Plain of `Arafat (عرفات); credit: علاء (27th of January, 2013; 21:38:27) 

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