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Gorilla strength - myths and reality

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From the May 28, 1902 edition of the Fort Wayne News: "In the Marseilles zoo there recently took place a duel to the death between a man and an adult gorilla, the only one in Europe. The gorilla was killed after a fight lasting twenty minutes, in which the keeper was so terribly mangled that he died five hours later. "The famous gorilla was named Francois. He was one of the largest species and always had been perfectly tractable, showing especial affection for his keeper, a man named Journoux, until the latter married a few weeks ago. "The bride visited the zoo often, and the gorilla was very sensitive about the attentions she showed her husband. When the gorilla perceived that she undoubtedly preferred his keeper, Francois became more and more jealous, and finally Jouroux found it impossible to approach the gorilla, especially if Mme. Journoux was in sight. "Francois became so surly and quiet that the keeper thought he was sick and entered the cage to comfort him. The gorilla immediately sprang upon his keeper. Journoux held a short tamer's fork, which alone accounts for the fight lasting so long.... "By the time help arrived the gorilla had been killed. The keeper was found with one eye torn out and rapidly losing blood from many other wounds. One hand had been completely chewed off, and the lower lip and part of the chin had also been bitten off."
It is worth noting that in the homophobic era of the early 20th century, this journalist did not feel free to speculate that the real object of the gorilla's affection was not the handler's wife, but the handler himself. Of course, the reporter may have been misguided in concluding that "jealousy" was the motive behind the gorilla's rampage, but remember that gorillas share about 98 percent of the genetic material of humans. And to quote Dr. Zaius, the eminent simian scholar in Planet of the Apes, "I have always known about man. From the evidence, I believe his wisdom must walk hand and hand with his idiocy. His emotions must rule his brain. He must be a warlike creature who gives battle to everything around him, even himself."
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