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Florida Panther (Puma concolor coryi)

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While the cougar in general is listed as Least Concern, this subspecies of cougar on the other hand is a different story, as it's estimated that fewer than 100 wild Florida Panthers exist in the wild.    Back in the day, they could be found across Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, even parts of Tennessee and South Carolina. The reason for their endangerment is due to the fact that people thought they were a threat to them, livestock, and game animals (because goodness forbid the predators hunt game animals). Now, they face loss of habitat, inbreeding, fights with each other, and vehicle collisions. Post any other data, films, or photos on these rare cats.   check this out
"Those who do what they must do are like fire, they fear nothing. Those who don't are like rabbits, for they have much to fear.
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One has been killed recently, struck by a vehicle, such a shame.
"When the tiger stalks the jungle like the lowering clouds of a thunderstorm, the leopard moves as silently as mist drifting on a dawn wind." -Indian proverb

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