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Do they drug Tigers in Thailand

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I recently asked Gaute about the if he noticed the tigers he saw as being drugged. A girl I used to see that lived in Thailand for a few years said when she visited the Tiger Temple that the tigers seemed drugged. I also think that to get a tiger to sit still and take photographs with people would probably require some sort of sedative.
Here is a sad but interesting article on the Tigers in Thailand Temples

"While there have been rumors about Temple monks drugging the animals so that they act calmer near tourists, there is no evidence that this practice occurs. Still, tigers living at the facility are frequently noted as being oddly lethargic and calm. While drugs and medications may not be used, tigers may become submissive to workers after years of man-handling and physical abuse. One look at this video may have you thinking the same thing."

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United States Pckts Online
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Tiger temple was finally raided
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