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Brown bears and smilodon comparisons.

Australia GreenGrolar Offline
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According to a credible bear enthusiast named Warsaw: 

Contrary to expectations based on their robust limbs, Smilodon kittens show the typical pattern of growth found in other large felids (such as the Ice Age lion, Panthera atrox, as well as living tigers, cougars, servals, and wildcats) where the limb grows longer and more slender faster than they grow thick. This adaptation is thought to give felids greater running speed. Smilodon kittens do not grow increasingly more robust with age. Instead, they start out robust and follow the ancestral felid growth pattern, while maintaining their robustness compared to other felids. Apparently, the growth of felid forelimbs is highly canalized and their ontogeny is tightly constrained.

I am not sure which book its from but this is what he posted on Carnivora. Yet there are other data which says a smilodon has more robust bones than the brown bear. Could anyone help give me clarity on this? Thanks.
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