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Beasts of the Roman Games

Finland Shadow Offline

(06-24-2020, 02:37 AM)bruin Wrote: Shadow, over on we deleted our complete "collection" of "historical animal fights" most taken from old 19th and early 20th century newspapers. Some of the stories are too outrageous to believe. Some tales have multiple endings according to which newspaper published it. By biggest problem with those stories are that too many factors not accounted for such as the age of the animals, their health and physical conditions, and the list can go on. Also the fact that when you mix people and animal fights, there might be gambling involved. So, I'm more interested to what happens in the wild.

If there would be a lot of fights recorded, it would give some idea, no matter what health and age of animals would be. But since there obviously aren´t many known fights from that time, Roman games don´t really enlighten anything else than it, how people have mistreated animals in "good old days". Some authors make bold statements, but then they don´t seem to be able to back up those statements with anything solid. Did for instance tigers and lions really fight back then even once could be debated. I don´t have interest for such waste of time though.

What comes to wild and biggest predators, there is next to nothing too. But since this thread is about Roman games, I´ll leave that subject.
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Malaysia scilover Offline

Oh wow, I never heard of this documentaries before. Thanks for sharing these! Now I know what i'm gonna do on the weekends hahaha.

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