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Travel tips to keep in mind for Coorg

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The beautiful large hill town where nature is at its very best is Coorg, Karnataka. It has a lot to offer for travelers like woody slopes, sprawling coffee plantations, alluring peaks, evergreen timber forests with a cool climate, scenic attractions, and adventurous terrain. There are some things to keep in mind before planning a vacation to Coorg.
Here we list some useful tips before heading to Coorg.
[b]Know the best time to visit[/b]
While planning for a vacation to Coorg think about the monsoon & months when you are visiting. The best time to travel to Coorg is from [b]October to May[/b]. The temperature will be not too hot or too cold, which is good for travel. From [b]June to September is romantic[/b] & heaven for honeymooners From November to January the temperature during nighttime drops gradually. So carry warm clothes with you when you travel.
[b]Book a best homestay or resort[/b]
Before planning for a vacation to Coorg, research for the good hotels, homestays, or resorts in Coorg. There are a huge number of resorts in Coorg. Take caution before booking resorts online.
1. Choose a resort property [b]that offers the best facilities[/b] like the best premium rooms, delicious food, free wifi, jeep safari, outdoor games, and children’s play area, spa & more.
2. Check their [b]website, reviews & ratings, get[/b] contact numbers, and talk to property managers before booking.
3. Check the security of homestays or resorts before booking.
4. Book resorts or homestays that are in decent places and nearby to Madikeri town.
[b]Keep a sufficient amount of cash[/b]
Since it is a large hill station, finding ATMs or Banks is not easy. Very few banks and ATMs are available in Madikeri. So [b]keep an adequate amount of hard cash[/b] in hand for expenses like shopping, buying things in local shops. It is hard to pay in mobile too since there will be no network coverage in the largest hill stations.
[b]Be conscious on the roads[/b]
One of the important tips is to be cautious about driving on the roads of hill stations like Coorg.[b] Avoid traveling at night[/b] or travel with caution during winter after 3 PM as there will be a misty fog climate and the roads will not be clear. A major reason for this is roads in this region are very narrow and driving at night is very risky. [b]Carry important items[/b] like medical kit, water, umbrella, torchlight, fruits, etc. for any emergency purpose
[b]Hire a private vehicle[/b]
If you are coming with friends or family as a group, hiring a private vehicle on rent from Bangalore, Mysore, or Mangalore to Coorg will be the best option as getting a vehicle from the local town is not easy especially on the long weekends or peak tourist seasons.
These are the most important things to be noted before planning to Coorg. Another important thing is smoking in the public is not allowed in Coorg, Usage of plastics is not allowed, respect the locals & their culture and maintain peace while on the roads avoid noise.

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