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Tiger Safari in India

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Top 5 National Parks for Tiger Safari India 

Top 5 National Parks for Tiger Safari India as of June 2021. As per the Tiger census conducted in India in 2018-2019, India had 2997 wild tigers residing in the 20 states in 52 Tiger reserves. This is approx. 75% of the world wild tiger population. Out of these 52 tiger reserves, 15 are very popular because of good Tiger sightings. This does not mean that there are no Tiger sightings in the other parks.

So which are the 5 best parks for tiger safari in India? This is the first question often asked by almost all tourists who wish to do tiger safaris in India. The answer to this question is easy and tricky simultaneously. The reason this is tricky is that answer to this question can change depending on a few extrinsic factors. I have done a separate blog on this, you may read it here.
As of June 2021 our naturalists and drivers are reporting tiger sightings in practically every safari in these national parks. The doubling of the tiger population in these parks in last 12 years has certainly helped in improved tiger sightings during the tiger safaris in India.

Our recommendations to you of the best national parks for Tiger Safari India Tours can change depending on how many days’ tour you wish to take. If you have five to six days, then we recommend focussing on one national park for a Tiger Safari India Tour. While if you have about 10 days for a Tiger Safari India Tour, then you can cover two parks during your tour. In addition, if you have about two weeks-time then three national parks can be covered comfortably depending on your appetite for tiger safaris.
Suggestion of the park can also depend on your other interests. In case your focus is, only tigers while on a Tiger Safari in India tour, then the national park we recommend will be different. But if you wish to see species other than the tiger, then the choice of parks will change again. Therefore, it is important for us to know what you want from a tiger safari India tour. It is our constant endeavour is to supersede your expectations by delivering the best services when it comes to your tiger safari in India.

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