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The Lion King 2019

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(01-16-2019, 03:14 AM)brotherbear Wrote: 
The stream is shrunk—the pool is dry,
    And we be comrades, thou and I;
    With fevered jowl and dusty flank
    Each jostling each along the bank;
    And by one drouthy fear made still,
    Forgoing thought of quest or kill.
    Now ‘neath his dam the fawn may see,
    The lean Pack-wolf as cowed as he,
    And the tall buck, unflinching, note
    The fangs that tore his father’s throat.
    The pools are shrunk—the streams are dry,
    And we be playmates, thou and I,
    Till yonder cloud—Good Hunting!—loose
    The rain that breaks our Water Truce.

The Law of the Jungle—which is by far the oldest law in the world—has arranged for almost every kind of accident that may befall the Jungle People, till now its code is as perfect as time and custom can make it. You will remember that Mowgli spent a great part of his life in the Seeonee Wolf-Pack, learning the Law from Baloo, the Brown Bear; and it was Baloo who told him, when the boy grew impatient at the constant orders, that the Law was like the Giant Creeper, because it dropped across every one’s back and no one could escape. “When thou hast lived as long as I have, Little Brother, thou wilt see how all the Jungle obeys at least one Law. And that will be no pleasant sight,” said Baloo.
That was a good link. It was interesting to read that text and compare how Kipling wrote about animals putting first name and then species. I thought, that Baloo would be more sloth bear, I have never read that book in english. But now when seeing how Kipling writes, Baloo is for me brown bear, no matter what others think. I just can´t ignore what author himself writes and then approves to be printed in the book. Simple as that for me.
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I heard, that they are planning to do a new Tarzan movie. This time actor of Tarzan is somewhat surprising... Mufasa! Here he is practicing how to use liana.... Wink

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