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Poll: Who is the largest of the bears?
Polar Bear
Kodiak Bear
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The "King" of the bears - comparison between the Polar bear and the Brown bear

United States brotherbear Offline
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Size isn't everything...

Aklak vs. Nanook: A Tale of Two Bears
Like most scientists, the Inuit view Aklak, the grizzly bear, and Nanook, the polar bear, as two very different creatures. Their traditional tales of polar bears almost always portray these animals as powerful, keen-witted and worthy of great esteem. The grizzly, on the other hand, is seen as a more sinister beast, one that is likely to charge unexpectedly in an explosive manner.

Some biologists might agree with that assessment, citing evidence that barren ground grizzlies appear to be more aggressive than grizzlies living farther south. One explanation, they say, could be that northern grizzlies evolved in a treeless world where there's no place to hide, so threatening one's opponent may make far more sense than fleeing.

Whatever the reason, bear biologist Andrew Derocher says he is "a lot more comfortable capturing a big polar bear on the sea ice than a small grizzly on land. Grizzlies tend to react much more aggressively. It can be very unnerving."
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Canada HyperNova Offline
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What was the largest brown bear weighted by scientists?

Regarding the polar bear, the largest polar bear weighted by scientists that I'm aware of was this one (don't know if that was already been posted) :

''Biologists, for example, rarely give names to the animals they handle, but one polar bear that Stenhouse and Nick Lunn caught on Southampton Island in 1985 was so big and burly — he weighed in at 810 kilograms (1,800 pounds) — that they nicknamed him "Stan." Stenhouse keeps a picture of "Stan" on the wall of his office in Hinton.''

source : A lifetime of bears: Canadian biologist in awe of the clever, powerful — and vulnerable — creatures (page 5)
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United States brotherbear Offline
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I'm not sure who weighed the 1,656 pound Kodiak bear. But, in the wild, the brown bear cannot compete with the polar bear in a contest of size. Environment and food availability is the key. Put coastal brown bears on a diet of protein-rich blubber and you will have polar-sized grizzlies. 
If someone was to draw-up a family tree of Ursus arctos ( I wish someone would ), that family tree would be incomplete without the polar bear. Ursus maritimus is genetically a brown bear, although one of great change due to a drastically different life-style. The mere fact that the polar exists speaks volumes for the adaptability of the grizzly. 
In my opinion - such as it is - the grizzly ( Ursus arctos ) is the king of the bears including the polar bear, even though he is classified under a different name - Ursus maritimus.
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