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Poll: Who is the largest of the bears?
Polar Bear
Kodiak Bear
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The "King" of the bears - comparison between the Polar bear and the Brown bear

Russian Federation AlexE Offline
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I think that polar bear are the lagrest bear.
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United Arab Emirates BorneanTiger Offline
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(11-04-2019, 03:19 PM)AlexE Wrote: I think that polar bear are the lagrest bear.

In terms of average weight, the polar bear would be the largest as a species, because most brown bears are smaller, with only the Kodiak brown bear rivalling it, but overall, it's a competition between the polar bear and Kodiak brown bear, hence the poll.
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Australia GreenGrolar Offline
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Comparison between brown bear and polar bear in captivity:

Unlike the brown bear, polar bears in captivity are rarely overweight or particularly large, possibly as a reaction to the warm conditions of most zoos.

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United States Stripedlion2 Offline

Does anyone have the average and maximum weights of grolar bears? Do they rival the Kodiak or polar bear in size?
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Finland Shadow Offline

(07-26-2020, 07:06 AM)Stripedlion2 Wrote: Does anyone have the average and maximum weights of grolar bears? Do they rival the Kodiak or polar bear in size?

In wild they are hybrids of smaller brown bears than Kodiak bears or Alaskan peninsula bears, so it´s not likely to think, that they could be same as Kodiak bears. Even though polar bears are biggest, difference isn´t that much. Most likely they are somewhere in between of brown bears living inland and polar bears are. So maybe some big ones might be close to Kodiak bears, but hardly same as polar bears.

I haven´t been too interested of grolars and I don´t know how it is in captivity, there they might have hybrids of bigger brown bear subspecies and polar bears, but in wild it should be quite clear, that polar bears meet only smaller brown bears and most likely hybrids are smaller too. I guess, that you think about ligers in this in comparison, but with tigers and lions size difference is marginal if in reality any at all, when looking at weights of fit individuals. So it´s no surprise, that hybrid(s) are the size they are. And before someone mention genes of male lions causing acromegaly, it´s no news. Even without it, hybrids of tigers and lions are big, because they are so similar sized big cats. But with these bears situation isn´t the same, brown bear is clearly smaller and so it´s logical, that hybrids can´t be as big as polar bears are.
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United States Stripedlion2 Offline

Thank you. Any weights on grolar bears or estimates?
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