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(07-19-2019, 01:11 PM)BorneanTiger Wrote: This may sound self-contradictory, but I nevertheless found something interesting, as I mentioned here ( Despite the fact that urbanisation would pose a threat to the natural environment, converting the habitats of tigers into towns or cities for instance (, considering the fact that rural people are at the forefront in the conflict of wildlife and mankind, it seems that a shift from rural to urban living may reduce the likelihood of conflict between rural people and wildlife, according to Sanderson et al. (, who in turn were quoted by a number of newspapers such as Asian Scientist ( and Mongabay (, except that the threat to tigers and wildlife would then shift to the urban people, so like I would say, ultimately people should have less children so that the global birth rate becomes less than the death rate, so that our large, expanding population stops increasing and decreases, and hopefully, that is on the way, since the global growth of the human population is generally cooling, with the exception of Africa and Oceania (

Yes, I saw an optimistic and interesting speech of Ullas Karanth (in NY?) saying the same.

According to Ullas Karanth, things are developing according to plan in the Western Ghats. That, however, doesn't mean conflicts between tigers and humans always are settled with a fine only. Every now and then, tigers breaking rules are captured or killed by rangers or locals.

The problem is tigers and humans just don't mix. The best way to protect tigers and humans is to seperate them completely. Not easy in a densely populated country like India, but things, largely as a result of the policy of Ullas Karanth, seem to look more promising than a few decades ago.      

The male below, at about six years of age, was found in Nilgiris. They didn't find any signs of poison, but tigers are still poisoned every now and then in India. His bulk largely was a result of death:    

*This image is copyright of its original author

Recent research says tigers in Thailand, most of India and Russia are much the same size (referring to total length measured 'over curves'), but tigers in India and Nepal are heavier. The reason is the they inhabit are quite healthy, meaning they're able to hunt large animals. This is not the case in Thailand and Russia, but the Russians are working on it and there will be a new large reserve in northeastern China soon.
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