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Oleg Zubkov`s Famous Taigan Lion Park is closed by corrupt officials.

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(12-14-2019, 02:17 PM)johnny rex Wrote:
(12-14-2019, 08:56 AM)suzzy Wrote: Dear friends, you published many stories from the famous Lion Park Taigan. Unfortunately, it was recently unsjustily closed and is undergoing illegal takeover raiding. Its director and owner, Oleg Zubkov and his parks are under the threat of permanent closure and seizure by the state in the person of the corrupt governor of Crimea and his accomplice in the person of the chief vet. 

If the parks do not get reopened, the owner Oleg Zubkov will lose his business, the fate of his animals will be very sad since Crimea is a debatable territory and the local government will never let to transport the lions and tigers to other zoos and parks. The governor seeks to nationalize the park, to get rid of Zubkov and if this happens it will be a forced bancruptcy and takeover, they will not care for the animals, they will not take good care of them, or even if they allow to transport the predators and other numerous animals of the park, many will die and will not survive the trip. Why they want to get hold of the park property, the answer is simple: if he park becomes public they will pocket subsidies and money flows that will not reach the animals. it means very miserable life for lions and tigers and probably they can become target of trophey hunting. Corporate raiding and hunting on rare Red Book animals in Russia is common due to corruption.

Please, follow the link below to AVAAZ petition aimed at saving Taigan from closure and stopping the state raiders

thank you

Oh no.

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