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Nkuhuma Pride

Canada Mdz123 Offline
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( This post was last modified: 11-26-2022, 02:03 AM by Mdz123 )

(11-25-2022, 11:19 PM)SMK350 Wrote: How does someone argue with the eye witness accounts of dozens of people, photographs, and videos, and not understand that not ever moment of a wild animals is documented on camera?

An example of this is someone saying dark mane was with the pride only 3-4 times in 2019 when all reports and photos show him bouncing back and forth for months. Also how are people who completely missed the 2021 sightings (some of which I already posted in the avoca page, Mdz123), speaking so confidently about this topic? His interaction with Mohawk wasn’t even until February. I thought of pulling up more sightings, because I love discussing lions, but why bother? Someone will retort with “oh that’s just one sighting” and we’ll keep going around in circles. 

For those who love this pride and want to know their accurate history, it might be good for you to know that Mohawk in 2021 was starting to spend time away from the pride exploring. He was mating with the smudge nose torchwood in January of that year and going to mala mala (although he could have been playing chess too /s). These are the factors that conspired to give dark mane the opportunity to spend many weeks with the Nkuhumas. On the eve of dark mane’s death it’s disappointing to see these misinformed posts that the Nkuhuma history doesn’t include 1/3 Avocas, when all three played a pivotal part in this new generation we’re following. 

If you say that you have already posted many sightings of DM with Nkuhumas in early of 2021, I would like to see you post more sightings here. Since I have scrolled through your old posts and I found only one post related to that. In 2019, he was occasionally seen mating with Nkuhuma females, but he has seldom seen with the entire pride. Which is why some people argue that he sired little amounts of offspring in that pride, but likely did father at least a few subs and cubs who didnt make it.
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Tonpa Offline

Purple eyes son, the boy with the split lip. Photo from last week.
Photo by Anna Nagel

*This image is copyright of its original author
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Croatia Tr1x24 Offline
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(11-25-2022, 11:19 PM)SMK350 Wrote: On the eve of dark mane’s death it’s disappointing to see these misinformed posts that the Nkuhuma history doesn’t include 1/3 Avocas, when all three played a pivotal part in this new generation we’re following. 

Nobody is dismissing that DM didn't mate with Nkuhumas in 2019 and 2021, he did, but Mohawk and Blondie also did, and they where always with them, its logic that they mated first, as they first "caught" scent of these females going into estrus, by the time DM "caught" their scent, Blondie and Mohawk prob already mated.. Its simple logic that most of these offspring is from Mohawk/Blondie, as it is that Talamatis are most of DM's, because he was more dominant back in 2018, and spend more time with Talamatis then Blondie/Mohawk. All females from Talamatis and Nkuhumas most likely mated with all 3 males, so we actually dont know who mated first with certain female who give birth.. 

In the end, it even doesnt matter who sired who,they are all from Avocas, but saying that DM sired most of Nkuhuma offspring, while his brothers where those who where always with Nkuhumas, is delusional, and i would say even disrespect towards Mohawk and Blondie.
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Tonpa Offline

More purple eyes son

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