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Natural Camera Trap Videos

phatio Offline
Tiger Expert

As a wildlife enthusiast, I enjoy watching nature documentaries, but to me nothing beats watching the original/natural camera trap video. 
without narration, without silly background music, just the sounds of nature. 
From the whispering wind, the bird singing, the sound of the animals from distance away to the chirping nearby insect, its the sound of nature in all their glory. 
watching this kind of video,  make us feel like we are really in there. And the most important thing is we will know what kind of animal living in the area.
Please post any video of Natural Camera Trap. I'll start with the video from my home country : 

Mount Leuser, Aceh-North Sumatra Indonesia

The beautiful Yasuni National Park in Ecuador

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phatio Offline
Tiger Expert
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a video I made myself, compilation of wild sumatran tigers

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Switzerland Spalea Offline
Wildanimal Lover


At first, bravo, well done !

I'm very happy to learn that some Sumatra Tigers still exist. But at the end it is said that " a few hundred tigers left remain in the wild", how could it be possible ? Because of deforestation, demographic human pressure and so on... I only want to be realistic, not pessimistic, but this is hard to believe.
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United States Pckts Offline
Bigcat Enthusiast
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(04-08-2016, 03:09 PM)phatio Wrote: a video I made myself, compilation of wild sumatran tigers

Large male @ 1:37

Also, their stripe patterns are very similar to the Java stripe patterns you mentioned although they don't seem to be as thin. 
Great job with the video
"Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not, and a sense of humor was provided to console him for what he is."
-Oscar Wilde
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phatio Offline
Tiger Expert

another great video of Sumatra's rain forest and its biodiversity

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Germany Lycaon Offline
Sahel Löwe

Sumatran with sambar kill

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Germany Lycaon Offline
Sahel Löwe

The Comoé National Park is located in the north-east of Côte d'Ivoire, in the Bounkani Region. The park is named after the Comoé River that runs through it. 
The park has been recognized as a World Heritage Site because of the diversity of flora it presents including tropical rainforest usually located only further south. In 2003, it was declared a World Heritage Site in Danger due to poaching, overgrazing of the park by livestock, and lack of management. It was withdrawn on July 4, 2017, due to "the improvement of the state of conservation of the fauna and its habitat". 
The cameras of OeBenin have witnessed this improvement in early 2018.


United States edulofter Offline
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who know how many Sumatra Tigers alive in the world now?

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