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Lions of Timbavati

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(4 hours ago)Potato Wrote: Some fabulous early morning #goldenhour light helped illuminate the regal male #lion we know as the larger of the 2 Xikukutsu Male #lions here at @royalmalewane in South Africa.

A few mornings ago we were on a #wildlife photographic #safari with @laurandnicolas and were treated to a sighting of this beast mating with one of the females from the Monwana Pride.

*This image is copyright of its original author

He isn't only the bigger among the two Xikukutsu males, he's also a slightly bigger than the Mapoza male, which is a average size male lion, same goes for the Giraffe male, He wasn't a massive male comparing with other as the Black dam male for example.

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Blast from the past - Two of the three Timbavati males on the lookout at Timbavati Game Reserve, photo by: Mynatour,March 2010

*This image is copyright of its original author
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(1 hour ago)Timbavati Wrote: He isn't only the bigger among the two Xikukutsu males, he's also a slightly bigger than the Mapoza male
Here is what guys from Kubili House had to say in that matter: "At the moment we have what looks to be a loose coalition of 3 males, consisting of one named Mphosa (he has different coloured eyes, which could have been caused by trauma to the side of the head from a hunt or even another male) and two others which are very light in colour and much larger than Mphosa. We call these two the Skukutsu males and they are truly a sight to behold – their sheer size is enough to intimidate one."

Also Ziggi Hugo (guide of Shindzea from like forever) who probably had view that coalition for years and know them probably better than anyone else asked about size comparison of Xikukutsu males to MApoza said: "They are bigger, that is they are bigger in high and their paws are bigger"

so there is rather no doubts that both Xikukutsus are larger males than Mapoza. What it comes to comparison of Giraffe male to Black Dam male there is rather no way to know how they would match up with each others regarding body size unless. Black Dam had reputation of very big male, but since Giraffe male was able to take part of BD's territory and the Black Dam pride then I assume Giraffe male had to be somewhat fair match for BD or elese BD would just easly chasse GIraffe male off.
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