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Lions of Tanzania (Serengeti, Ngorongoro and others)

Australia LandSeaLion Offline

(05-05-2021, 10:27 AM)Spalea Wrote:
(04-30-2021, 06:39 PM)LandSeaLion Wrote: Has anyone here ever seen a documentary called “Lions: Pride in Peril”? I remember watching it in 1996. It was narrated by David Attenborough, and followed the lives of a pride of lions (the Tokitoks) struggling to survive in the Ngorongoro Crater. It was a marvellous documentary, but unfortunately never made it to DVD. Sometimes I recognise footage from it cropping up in other documentaries, spliced into the narrative (particularly a short scene of two male lions, Hook and Ahab, fighting each other).

Indeed, I remember having seen this documentary, at the end of the 90s... Very interesting ! And tragic too... Tokitok pride, a lioness kiling the cubs of this pride before been chased by the other lionesses. A zebra hunting showing a big pregnant female zebra caught by a lioness. The almost "iconic" short fight between these two male lions we can see in numerous other documentaries about lions realized after. The nocturnal fight between the males belonging to two different prides. And after the night, the vision of the walking wounded males of one pride and the dying male of the other pride (the second one being dead during the fight). The Tokitok pride's death.

Yes, a very good documentary showing how hard the life of a pride of lions could be in the Ngorongoro Crater.

Yep, that’s the one! Wedge the 15 year old lioness, Bounce and Teekay, the outcast cub-killing lioness Nimue, and the guardian males Hook and Ahab, who were killed by the four Munge males. It was very sad to watch their demise. The Munge quartet were a truly formidable group of lions...after killing the Tokitok males, they had control of five out of the six prides of the crater.

I’ve been searching for it online and I just found out that another version of it was released in America under the name “The Crater Lions.” It’s on the Internet Archive:

The narrator is different (George Page instead of David Attenborough...I preferred the latter to be honest), but otherwise it’s the same documentary as Pride in Peril, with a few extra scenes thrown in.
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