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Lions of Tanzania (Serengeti, Ngorongoro and others)

Italy Spalea Offline
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Cameron Yarrow: " The Rock Star

The Kopjes in the otherwise empty Serengeti landscape were our key point of focus the other week. The lions spend a lot of time on these rocks as it gives them a good vantage point to spot prey. It also works nicely for the photograph because it means you can be looking up at the lion with a plain backdrop.

When we arrived at the Utafiti Kopjes early one morning and saw this stunning male lion lying on the top, we knew it was a big moment. For the next hour it was a matter of waiting, but always being ready. It was nearly 8am when the lion spotted an impala and quickly stood up and left his post. I got lucky with the lens I had on, just as it whole body came into the foreground it filled my frame.

The high angle of elevation, the podium-like rock and the wind rushing through it’s mane all work together to amplify the lion's rockstar-esque looks. It’s a beautiful animal and to have spent three hours all alone with it is something I will remember forever. "

Cameron Yarrow: " On a Mission - #worldlionday

Spending the last few days alone with the lions in the Serengeti was incredible. Africa is full of different types of wildlife but an encounter with a pack of lions, to me, is a little more special than any other.

Thankfully I was using remote controls in this situation and wasn’t lying there myself. But you still cant escape the nerves, especially when the lioness starts sniffing your camera.

It's important we have days like this to celebrate the conservation efforts being made all around the world, and to spread awareness that these efforts must continue.

The @Printsforwildlife initiative is still running and is a superb way to get involved in helping to support national parks all around Africa in a time like this. "

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