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Is Jaguar capable of killing big crocodiles ?

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(10-29-2019, 08:29 AM)DinoFan83 Wrote:
(10-29-2019, 08:19 AM)Pckts Wrote:
(10-29-2019, 07:44 AM)DinoFan83 Wrote: @Pckts 
True, Pantanal jaguars are some of the biggest at 95 kg. But I was referring to jaguars (general), and Pantanal jaguars are on the higher end of the size range.
I never said they couldn't ambush and kill big caiman. I said the majority of the time they go for smaller or similar sized caiman.

1: They're well over 95kg, that's a small male Jaguar in the Pantanal
2: and technically you said they were "overrated".
3: We're talking about where Jaguar and Caiman coexist and in Places like Los Llanos and the Pantanal, it's no surprise that Jaguars thrive and are the largest on earth, this is directly due to the fact that Caiman thrive there as well. Like I've been saying, there is no Big Cat more adept to prey on Crocodilians than the Jaguar, it's what they're built for.
4: And there is no "majority of time," like with all animals, the largest of Caiman make up the smallest minority but that never stops a Jaguar from preying on them when they can catch them. It's all a matter of opportunity, big cats take what they can get. Lions and Tigers prefer larger prey but that doesn't stop them from taking Chital/Impala or youngsters when the opportunity is there.
5: That doesnt somehow make one over or underrated though.
1: Source for Pantanal jaguars averaging over 95 kg? Just about everywhere I've seen states 95 kg average for males including GuateGojira himself.
2: What does that have to do with the prey preference of jaguars? I was referring to jaguars being overrated in their ability to kill very big crocodiles (you gotta admit, a jaguar's being overrated if someone's backing it against an American alligator, American crocodile, black caiman, or Orinoco crocodile. Besides, I never said they could not. I said they were overrated in terms of it).
3: Never denied that
4: Exactly, it's rare for jaguars to prey on very big caiman. I never said they couldn't but it is very rare.
5: Like I said, wrong context

Rafeal Hoogestejin Fernando Tortatto both run the Panthera capture project, 
their averages are 100kg. You can see direct correspondence from them posted on numerous pages in the verified jaguar weights thread and the edge of extinction Jaguars thread.
But again, 100kg is small.
They have weights of many over 130kg and even over 148kg almost empty.
The 97kg average is from Almeidas book only and even he knew of 130kg plus Jaguars and Skulls over 21" scores. He also measured from all over the Pantanal and other areas as well and he did so during a time of immense human pressure on Jaguar and Caiman. In the meeting of the 3 rivers, that is where you have the largest cats and caimans around and that's not where Almeida did most of his hunting.
Another good IG page to follow for Southern Pantanal weights is called Oncafari, they too have a few over 130kgs but slightly smaller than the North.

In regards to someone backing it over A Black Caiman or American Alligator, I have no knowledge of that and no one here is making that claim.

Lastly, it's not rare for them to prey on large Caiman, I just posted numerous accounts of it occurring.
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