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Is Jaguar capable of killing big crocodiles ?

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Nothing you see in the Northern Panatanal now a days is staged, I'm talking of the old Disney videos. 
 Trust me, when you go through the Black River, you see 100s of giant caiman, they aren't rare.
*Never said anything about 130kg though, that would be a massive yacare* The easiest trick to tell when a Caiman is large is by their tail, the thicker it is the larger the individual is.
Caimans are literally everywhere in the Pantanal, they're the equivalent of Chital in India or Wildebeest in Africa and they are by far the most preyed on animal by Jaguars.
In regards to size hunted by Jaguar, it's more to do about opportunity, when Jags hunt they swim and stalk through dense Bush, the second they see anything move they pounce, while I'm sure they prefer smaller easier prey to some extent it certainly doesnt stop them from hunting anything they can get a hold of. Large Caiman haven't gotten that way by being easy prey, they have survived off their learned skill and natural wit. It only makes sense that they're more aware of their surrounded and have learned some tricks and signs throughout their long lives.

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