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Gorilla strength - myths and reality

Finland Shadow Offline

(01-13-2019, 09:30 PM)Shadow Wrote:
(01-13-2019, 09:29 PM)Pckts Wrote: A gorilla is much more muscle packed than a chimp, it's going to be far more powerful.

So you think, that gorilla muscle fiber is stronger than what chimp has? Any study about that? Of course 200 kg animal is stronger than for instance 70 kg animal, but that doesn´t mean, that it is relatively stronger.

I noticed, that I wrote in unclear way about that study concerning chimpanzees. That was muscle fiber research and results showed, that chimpanzee muscle is about 1,35 stronger than human muscle fiber. So it was about pound for pound strength in a way. And if I have understood correctly, many old myths about gorillas are based to assumption, that chimp would be 5-6 times stronger than human.

Then again it feels logical to think, that chimpanzee and gorilla muscle fibers would be quite close call. Problem in this matter is all the time same. A lot of stories, claims etc. but not so much research and results and no good footage :/ Many times there is a video promising a lot when looking at headline, but on video nothing to make that "wow effect". Also stories, like "my friend works in zoo and he/she says....". And it is year 2019 and not a single footage from someone working in zoo, where we could see something impressive. One zoo manager said, after a gorilla was shot, that gorillas can break coconut in hand... in video footage we can see gorillas breaking coconuts hitting against rocks, not just crushing in hand. Of course that zoo manager had angry people and social media rage to handle, so some exaggeration is understandable.... but that kind of statements then again turn fast as "true stories" in internet.

But if someone have footage, where gorilla crushes coconut in hand, I hope, that linking it here. It would be something.
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