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Gorilla strength - myths and reality

Finland Shadow Offline

(12-12-2018, 09:53 PM)johnny rex Wrote:
(12-12-2018, 08:10 PM)Shadow Wrote:
(12-12-2018, 07:35 PM)johnny rex Wrote:
(12-12-2018, 12:59 PM)Spalea Wrote: Gorillas, compared with bears, are not very demonstrativ animals...

... Excepted when they are breaking the glass !

Nevertheless we are able to see they are very very very impressive ! In the french language we often qualify a bodyguard as being "un gorille" ! No one man is a gorilla... Anatomically speaking the gorillas are on an "other league". Just look at their arms !

I've seen these videos. Gorillas moving objects are common sight though. Most glasses in zoos are made of three layers, it's the first layer of glass that was broken when the gorilla crashed into it. Also, the glass like Shadow said could have been old glass with manufacturing defect or just "worn out" and lucky gorilla. Another example would be chimps. Chimpanzees are strong too but I doubt even a dominant male chimp can protect itself from a average sized leopard or cougar.

I would say that much, that what animals can kill each others is another issue and not any indicator what comes to strength I think. I mean, leopards have killed also silverback gorillas in some occasions, but I don´t still think a second, that a 50-90 kg leopard would be stronger than a gorilla. At least unless someone is able to prove it in some way. Even though leopards do impressive job when climbing to a tree with carcass. Who knows what would a comparison pound to pound say, but still I believe, that what comes to absolute brute strength, gorilla is stronger. But still leopard can kill it as usually seem to happen when they fight. Same thing when a lion kills a buffalo up to 4-5 times it´s own weight (in "best" case) or a hippo even 10 times it´s own weight, for sure buffalo and hippo are stronger animals, but still not safe from attacks and to be eaten.

So I would hope, that in this thread focus would be in that, that what kind of actions showing remarkable strength gorillas have done and where can be found information about those occasions? Or is situation, that nobody really knows something really concrete? And if there is something, in what bases that should be considered as extraordinary or should it?

Gorilla is strong, question here from me is, that how strong really? :)

Gorillas are strong, there's no denying that. But saying gorillas are 10 times stronger than humans need lots of demonstrations.
 I agree. Gorilla for instance has impressive biting force, but it doesn´t prove too much. Usually it is told, that Jaguar has stronger biting force than a gorilla and still no-one is suggesting, that Jaguar would be stronger than gorilla overall. Overall strength is so different thing.
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