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Freak Felids - A Discussion of History's Largest Felines

United States tigerluver Offline
Prehistoric Feline Expert
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6/10/2015 edit note: I am adding the comparison image to the first page as a nice title picture to the topic.

10/30/2015 - I am introducing a table of contents to this:

Format: Topic (page number(s) in parenthesis)

Table of contents

Smilodon populator mass (1)

Large Tiger skulls of today (1)

Mass vs. Total Length (2)

Guate's Fact Sheets (2)

Large cat estimates (somewhat outdated) (3)

The megafauna of the Sunda shelf (3)

What is robusticity and density of cat? (4-5)

Javan Tiger Paws (5)

The Ngandong femur (5)

Smilodon II (5-6)

von Reichenau's giant lion (7)

How to measure long bones (7)

Homotherium crenatidens (8)

Manchuria's Mystery Mandible (10)

A new cave lion fossil (15)

Tiger geographic expansion (17)

New findings from Ural (19)

Fieryeel's new Solo river canines and new Chinese canine (23-32)

Machairodus' skull (35)

A cave lion in the flesh (nearly) (35)

Acinonyx pardinensis morphology (37)

Jaguars of old morphology (38)

Follow up of frozen cave lion cubs (38)
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