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Freak Felids - A Discussion of History's Largest Felines

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(05-15-2020, 11:38 PM)tigerluver Wrote: Wrong thread for modern cat discussion, folks. This is in the extinct felines section. It seems somewhere last year a few posts were misplaced here and since the original intention has been lost. I'll move some post over to more appropriate threads. 

On a side note, 250 kg is small for an ancient lion, machairodont, or tiger, and thus the thread was called "freak felids" for the 400+ kg specimens that once existed. I do realize that the term can easily be misinterpreted so we moved the discussions for ancient lions into a more dedicated thread. Unfortunately the data on the rest of the species isn't as plentiful so dedicated threads never were formed.

That explains a lot, I was looking at this thread and many postings really didn´t look to be in right place. Same goes with other "freak felids" thread, many photos of tigers and lions, but "freaks"... mostly not. I understand with freak something really extra special, not just some quite normal sized animal or obese animal. Those should be posted in "normal threads" for wild and captive animals of different species. When I open posting with headline "freak", I am looking forward to see something extraordinary which also is explained, that in what way "freak". If all there is, is some photo showing "just" some random lion or doesn´t make sense for me. Most postings in "freak" threads have been frankly speaking disappointing. 

In threads made for something extraordinary quality should be more valued than quantity. Not just some random photo or average specimen of some species. Then again maybe I´m a bit more cynical than average poster... But still something to think about, imo. Word "freak" loses meaning if it starts to look like it, that all tigers and lions are freaks. We have after all many threads for handsome/beautiful animals. I had to use this opportunity to write this now, I have often thought about this but kept silent. But I think, that some others would also like it more, if content would be really connected to headline of a thread.
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