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Felids Interactions - Intraspecific Conflicts

India Rishi Offline

(10-07-2020, 01:26 PM)Rage2277 Wrote:

Shashank Saraswat - This family in Ranthambhore of their grand mother T16 aka Machali is carrying forward the same legacy. Arrowhead & her daughter Riddhi fighting for territory !! First of all it’s magical ranthambhore, then its one & only the most beautiful zone.3 of ranthambhore & then it’s the same family of legendary tigress Machali. So these big cats will surely follow the customs & traditions of their great family & taking the glory forward for which they are known for. Do you know this zone is having this history and it’s happening with same family from last more than a decade on same zone.3 of Ranthambhore . There was machli t16 the legendary tigress who was pushed away from this territory by her daughter t17 aka sundari & t19 aka krishna who was also pushed away by her sister t17 then later t17 disappeared all of a sudden and did not discover strangely. Then after t19 krishna came back to this zone, she gave birth to 03 cubs- arrowhead, lighting and one male tiger pacman. Arrowhead was dominating among all siblings & became undisputed queen of this zone.3. Lighting shifted to another tiger reserve Mukundara Hills where she died, male tiger pacman died in a territorial fight with another male & arrowhead remained on this zone, her first litter did not survive then in second litter, she gave birth to two female cubs & now her daughters are pushing arrowhead away.... so the tradition is going same, the glory of Machali still alive, female has the possession of this area & it’s the same family the family of legendary T16 aka Machali that’s why she is knows as the best big cat in world.  riddhi is quite stubborn,she also looks as big as her mother..arrowhead won't be giving up prime territory anytime soon though. ps considering the times you'd think everything would be filmed and uploaded in HD by now  Neutral

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Brazil Dark Jaguar Offline
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Kuzma male meets Bira female on an already expected dramatic first courting.

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United States Pckts Offline
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Sad day in Bandhavgarh, a Legend has died protecting her family.

Jitender Govindani

RIP Solo ( BTR - T42).
Possibly the last pic of Solo clicked by Gagan Narang Ji last week, near Pasari village, of Dhamokar Buffer,  just 100m from the main road. 
As seen in this pic, Solo was badly injured which she would have sustained while fighting with other male tiger to protect her Cubs. She was seen frequently for the last 20 days in the buffer area because of the threat to her Cubs from other male tigers like Bheem & Chakradhara in the core zone as the current Cubs of her were sired by Mangu, who failed to protect neither the Cubs nor his territory which was taken over by the other male tigers.
Though the Forest Department succeeded to push back Solo into the core zone with the help of Elephants, the tigress returned the very next day to the buffer area, clearly stating her intentions of staying away from the core.
Finally, her struggle to protect her Cubs ended today with her and one of her Cubs death. It’s not easy being a tiger and especially the life of a mother tigress. 
May their soul RIP.

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