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RE: Bigcats News - Pckts - 11-06-2015

Yup, absolutely terrible.

RE: Bigcats News - Spalea - 11-06-2015

Sickening, revolting.

5000-6000 tigers farmed nowadays ? More than in wild. The China could say that thank to her the tiger would never be an extinct specie of the world. Is that the final destiny, the future of a wild animal species ?

RE: Bigcats News - JawaRumbia - 11-07-2015

Tiger On Loose Near Acapulco Beach Resort

The big cat has already killed five cows - and police are warning locals and holidaymakers to be on their guard.

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Police are hunting a tiger that escaped from a restaurant near the beach resort of Acapulco in southern Mexico.

The animal has already killed five cows, and officers are warning locals and holidaymakers to be on their guard.

The big cat escaped from Mangrove Paradise eatery in the town of Coyuca de Benitez, where it was kept on display.

Armed police and wildlife officers have been searching for the tiger for four days.
Five cows were found dead at a farm a mile from the restaurant, but from there the trail has gone cold.


RE: Bigcats News - Sully - 11-08-2015

Bad news (expanding on sanjays post)


"Outrage as endangered tiger shot dead by hunter who claimed it 'attacked his dog'
A RARE tiger has been shot dead by a hunter who claimed the endangered wild cat had mauled him before killing his dog.
By Tom Batchelor
PUBLISHED: 06:00, Fri, Nov 6, 2015 | UPDATED: 07:50, Fri, Nov 6, 2015

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There are around 500 Siberian tigers left in the wild
The unnamed man, who told officers he was hunting wild boar at the time, said he was forced to kill the Siberian - or Amur - tiger in self-defence after it bit his legs.
He was rushed to hospital after alerting authorities to the attack using his mobile phone.
Investigators in the far eastern Kharbarovsk region of Russia, close to the border with China, are looking at whether the man is in fact a tiger poacher.

Sergei Aramilev, director of the local branch of the tiger campaign group, told the Siberian Times: "Siberian tigers very seldom attack people without a reason.
"There have been cases when people killed tigers to sell them and made up stories about self-defence.
"The true picture of events will be found out when we match a map of the scene, the hunter's testimony, autopsy results and a follow-up examination."

*This image is copyright of its original author
The tiger found dead in the far eastern Kharbarovsk region of Russia

*This image is copyright of its original author
The unnamed hunter posing with the creature
The killing has sparked outrage, with dozens of people calling for the 60-year-old "poacher" to be arrested.
One, Judi Sanders, wrote on the newspaper's website: "He's a liar! What would give this cat a reason to attack?
"There is no marks on the hunter and why are we calling him a hunter if he was not hunting?
"He was looking for something to kill and look what he found. Just wrong.
"There needs to be repercussions to his actions. Hang him by his balls."

Another, Patricia Gladding, wrote: "Some action needs to be taken to ban the products that the Chinese want so badly!
"They obviously do not have the sensibility to understand that their stupid superstitions and fantasies are causing sentient, magnificent, RARE ANIMALS TO BE MURDERED!"
Last month, police launched a probe after another Siberian tiger was found dead.
The creature's body was reportedly RIDDLED with bullets.
A man was arrested but claimed he found the pelt in 2006 before bans on shooting the tiger were imposed.
But forensic analysis of the skin shows that the two year old tiger was "violently killed" in 2015, according to report.
There are thought to be just 500 Siberian tigers left in the wild - up from around 350 in 2005.

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There were only around 350 Siberian tigers 10 years ago"

RE: Bigcats News - Sully - 11-08-2015

Better news


Importing lion trophies to the US could be outlawed as Cecil backlash continues
Bill passed by US House of Representatives would see wildlife poachers facing similar penalties to drugs and arms traffickers

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Cecil the Lion Photo: Wildlife Conservation Research Unit

 Dog loses paws but learns to enjoy life

*This image is copyright of its original author

By David Millward, US Correspondent
11:47PM GMT 03 Nov 2015

Big game hunters face a ban on importing trophies into the US as American politicians back a bill designed to prevent another lion suffering the same fate as Cecil.
The measure, which has been passed by the US House of Representatives, which requires the backing of the Senate, would also impose similar penalties on wildlife traffickers to those meted out to illegal arms and drug dealers.
Even its title, The Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large (CECIL) Animal Trophies Act, was inspired by the much-loved lion killed in Zimbabwe in July by Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist, whose identity was exclusively disclosed by the Telegraph.
A bill, which had bipartisan support, was introduced in August by Sen. Bob Menendez, a Democratic congressman from New Jersey.

In addition to banning the import of lion trophies and imposing tougher penalties on traffickers, the measure is also intended to enable action to be taken against countries which fail to tackle big game poaching within their own boundaries.

*This image is copyright of its original author
Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who admitted shooting and killing Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe  Photo: Tim Stewart News Limited
Mr Palmer went into hiding for several weeks following the global outcry at Cecil’s death. His dental surgery on the outskirts of Minnesota faced several days of demonstrations.
Mr Palmer, in his one interview, insisted he had the correct permits and last week Zimbabwe announced he would not be prosecuted for the lion’s death.

The killing of Cecil has also been the subject of an investigation by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of Justice.

They were examining whether Cecil’s death contravened the Lacey Act, which enforces legal protection for endangered species outside the US.

RE: Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary - Pckts - 11-12-2015

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RE: Bigcats News - Pckts - 11-12-2015

Villagers kill tiger in Bijnor; Animal beaten to death after entering poultry farm.
Villagers of Indian state Uttar Pradesh's Bijnor district killed a tiger after it reportedly attacked poultry animals in the area.
The tiger was reportedly beaten to death after it entered the poultry farm. The animal had reportedly injured two people, according to local media. Residents of the Bijnor district have been under fear of a man-eater tiger that has killed at least nine people, including children, in the past few years.
However, it is not clear if the tiger killed was the same animal.
With the villages located on the fringes of the famous Jim Corbett National Park, man-animal conflicts are often reported.
Last month, the body of a woman was found half eaten near the Amangarh section of Jim Corbett Park, according to The Times of India.
Last year, a tiger had killed a ten-year-old boy in the Najibabad forest division of Bijnor district.

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*This image is copyright of its original author

RE: Bigcats News - Pckts - 11-20-2015

An eight-month-old tiger cub was found dead in Kanhari beat of the famous Kanha Tiger Reserve (KTR) in Mandla district..
"We found the male tiger cub dead on November 16 evening. The cub was with (mother) tigress when it was apparently killed by an adult tiger in the region," KTR deputy Director O P Tiwari said.
He said that the adult feline killed the cub to hasten mating with the tigress.
"As long as cubs are reared by a tigress, the feline doesn't go into heat. Therefore, the tiger killed the cub," he said.
"Usually November to January is the mating period of big cats," he said.
The tigress apparently tried to save the cub from the killer tiger and in the process sustained some minor bruises, Tiwari said.
Later, an autopsy of the carcass was performed, he added.
(Representational Image)

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Aadi Nagaraj Gowda added 3 new photos — with Chandrashekar Reddy and Sandeep GA.
Yesterday at 9:38pm ·

Hediyala tiger was shot dead today evening around 5.30 pm. It had attacked a forest staff who had been hospitalised . It was a female tiger aged atleast 10 years with one blunt canine and injured claws .

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*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author

The man that shot her said she had killed one person and not consumed him then attacked another and wouldn't relinquish the man, the first shot hit her in the shoulder but she wouldn't budge and the 2nd hit her in the head and she died instantly.

RE: Bigcats News - Pckts - 11-24-2015

Ustaad isn't doing well.

Apparently he is sick again, not eating and unwell.
I lost the link, but it was posted on FB. I will post it when/if I come across it again.

Here is a separate link, apparently they are attempting to put him in a captive breeding program, which seems a bit fishy to me, but it was bound to happen. How often do they get to use the genes of a wild caught, prime adult bengal?
Hopefully he feels better and having a female gives him something else to think about so he's not so depressed.

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RE: Bigcats News - GuateGojira - 11-26-2015

France becomes the 1st European state to ban lion trophies

*This image is copyright of its original author

Monday, November 23, 2015
Reims, France

Last week, Ségolène Royal, the French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, decided to ban the import of lion trophies into French territory. Instructions were given to government agencies to no longer issue permits authorizing hunters to bring lion trophies into the country.

This is a strong and essential measure toward protecting the last remaining African lions, commented Céline Sissler-Bienvenu, Director of IFAW for France and francophone Africa. France follows in the footsteps of Australia with this ban, becoming the first member state of the European Union to take a protective step for lions and to send a discouraging message to hunters: hunting lions will no longer be on their travel itinerary.

This decision followed not only the tragedy of Cecil the Lion but also the recent airing of several documentaries on this theme.

Note to editors:
Only 20,000 lions remain in the wild. Their population has declined 60 percent over the past three decades. Victims of habitat loss and conflicts with local communities, lions are also directly threatened by trophy hunting, an unsustainable activity whose role in the rapid decline of lions continues to be underestimated, possibly intentionally.
The lion is listed under Appendix II of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora created in 1975. This category includes “species not necessarily threatened with extinction, but in which trade must be controlled in order to avoid utilization incompatible with their survival”. CITES was created to guarantee that international trade in wildlife specimens do not harm the survival of species in the wild.

 About IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)
Founded in 1969, IFAW saves animals in crisis around the world. With projects in more than 40 countries, IFAW rescues individual animals, works to prevent cruelty to animals and advocates for the protection of wildlife and habitats. For more information, visit www.ifaw.org. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Link: http://www.ifaw.org/united-states/news/france-becomes

I love France, I always had, I have you in my blood and my last name is the testimony. Happy

RE: Bigcats News - Tshokwane - 11-27-2015

Bhagya Lakshmi:
I was updating this information with tears.. 

Yesterday a injured Leopard found on high way road side near a village Habbanaghatta - Hassan district and Karnataka State.... 
It was shifted to Hassan Forest division Head Quarters under the custody of rapid action team with department veterinary doctors and staff yesterday. 
But unfortunately four years male injured Leopard died today morning. This is HIT and RUN case and heavy injury on left thigh with broken ribs.
We lost an endangered very precious cat. 
RIP... to this innocent and speechless animal...

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*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author

I know that here in Argentina are concerned over the same thing, many animals are killed because of the excessive speed people go in the roads near the park, and many jaguars have been killed this way.

RE: Bigcats News - Pckts - 12-01-2015

Has anybody heard that Machli has been badly injured in a fight with Sultan?

RE: Bigcats News - Tshokwane - 12-07-2015

Ritu Mehrotra:
Another sad case of speeding vehicles here at corbett.What pains most is that are people so blind to the fact that they stay just outside the Tiger reserve and should follow the speed limits.a speeding vehicle knocked over n killed a young beautiful leopard last night right here at Ramnagar.(Corbett)very painful to see such a beauty die such a painful death.Feeling really bad that all people do is take photographs instead of realising n try to save these beautiful cats

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RE: Bigcats News - Pckts - 12-08-2015

To many roadkills lately. We need to get those nature-friendly bridges set up throughout the world as well as doing way more research when we build roads throughout wild life corridors.

RE: Bigcats News - TheLioness - 12-08-2015

Such a shame, poor leopard. People need to slow down, they will notice animals this large at slower speeds and can react faster.