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RE: Bigcats News - Pckts - 06-15-2015

**************************************************Stress takes a toll on tigers in Sariska:Study says human disturbance affecting breeding in Reserve.
High stress levels in tigers, caused by human activity, have affected their breeding in the Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, a study says.
Tigers were reintroduced in the Sariska and Panna tiger reserves after poaching, habitat loss and prey depletion made them extinct in those protected areas. As part a species recovery programme, tigers were reintroduced between 2008 and 2010 in Sariska and 2009 and 2013 in Panna.
While the reintroduced tigers have given birth at regular intervals in Panna, it is not so in Sariska, though the tigers have been mating. This led to a study by scientists from the Laboratory for the Conservation of Endangered Species (LaCONES) of the CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB); the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun; and the Endocrine Research Laboratory, Department of Anatomy and Physiology, University of Pretoria, South Africa.
Govindhaswamy Umapathy from LaCONES, in collaboration with Kalyanasundaram Sankar of the WII, studied the stress responses of the reintroduced tigers in relation to human disturbance. They used a non-invasive approach to study stress by monitoring faecal glucocorticoid (fGCM) metabolite concentrations in the tigers over 18 months and collected 120 samples. It was found that 80 per cent of the 881-sq.km Sariska reserve had some kind of disturbance, such as livestock movement, woodcutting and human and vehicular movement, elevating fGCM concentrations in the monitored tigers.
Dr. Umapathy says prolonged stress might have affected reproduction. The study recommended regulation of vehicular traffic, shifting of artificial waterholes away from tarred roads and relocation of eight villages from the core area of the reserve.
The relocation has been due since 1984. Once that is done, an inviolate area of 300 sq.km will be available for breeding, the study noted.
CCMB Director Ch. Mohan Rao says reproductive studies in endangered species are immensely useful in developing breeding protocols and creating stress-free habitats for tigers and other wild animals.
Keywords: Sariska Tiger Reserve, tiger population, tiger stressNEWS: THE HINDU

RE: Bigcats News - sanjay - 06-15-2015

@Pckts, I suggest you when you copy paste content from other source please trim it for unwanted text and format it in better way. Copying same to same degrade to quality of forum. Hope you understand

RE: Bigcats News - Pckts - 06-15-2015

(06-15-2015, 09:46 PM)'sanjay' Wrote: @Pckts, I suggest you when you copy paste content from other source please trim it for unwanted text and format it in better way. Copying same to same degrade to quality of forum. Hope you understand

Noted, i just post it how I see it from FB.
Figured its better to use all of it as its written.
But I will trim unwanted text from now on.


RE: Bigcats News - Apollo - 06-16-2015

 How an Indian wildlife reserve lost 20 tigers in three years

*This image is copyright of its original author

Nice read



RE: Bigcats News - Pckts - 06-18-2015

Georgia police shoot tiger that killed man after zoo escapePolice in Tbilisi say a tiger that broke loose after severe flooding at a zoo in the Georgian capital over the weekend has been shot by marksmen after it killed a man and wounded another.It has emerged that other animals may still be on the loose, amid conflicting statements from the government and zoo officials.The man who died is believed to be in his 40s. The tiger reportedly attacked him around midday as he and two others entered a flood-damaged building near Tbilisi’s Heroes Square in the centre of the city, a few hundred metres from the zoo.It brings to 20 the number of people killed in the disaster, with most of the casualties residents of homes that were flooded by the sudden deluge on Saturday night. At least six people are reported to be still missing.Amid scenes of panic on Wednesday, police swarmed over the area and officers from the “special tasks” department of Georgia’s interior ministry surrounded the big cat inside a complex of garages and warehouses. Initial reports had said it was a lion.About an hour and a half after the attack, an interior ministry spokeswoman said the rare white tiger had been “liquidated”. The big cat was shot as it tried to attack one of the officers, said another official. He added: “They had no possibility of using a tranquiliser.”

Video of the Tiger being carried away and a video of an Escaped Hippo roaming the streets ^^

RE: Bigcats News - sanjay - 06-18-2015

A cracking news is published today in which Indian researcher has claimed that the Genes of Royal Bengal tiger is "polluted" by genes of the Siberian tiger. If this is true this news will bring sensation among wildlife lovers, researcher and expert.
For more detail click on http://wildfact.com/forum/topic-dna-samples-of-bengal-tigers-polluted-by-genes-of-the-siberian-tiger
I have made a whole separate dedicated thread so that we can discuss this issue separately

RE: Bigcats News - Apollo - 06-20-2015

Pench tigress gets into fight with another

Even 15 days after the release of Pench tigress TF2, the radio-collared wildcat is yet to make its first independent kill, leaving forest officials and the monitoring team worried.

As feared by wildlife experts, the tigress also got into a fight with the resident tigress near Lamandoh on Sunday. The spot is around 2km from the enclosure where the tigress was held captive for three years. According to unconfirmed sources, the tigress is learnt to have been injured by the resident rival, but there was no confirmation from the wildlife wing officials.

"We are not aware about any such information, as we are still busy with the forest secretary's official tour of the region," said senior officials. Conservator of forests (CF) Sanjay Thawre, who is holding additional charge of Pench Tiger Reserve (PTR), and visited Pench on Sunday, was unavailable for comments.

The six-year-old tigress was soft-released on May 17 by opening the gate of the enclosure where it was in captivity for over three years in Tirthmangli area. However, even after eight days, the tigress had not killed any wild animal and was given a goat, which it killed and ate. With summer at its peak, the tigress is moving only near the river waters.

On May 24, the tigress had even returned to its enclosure but since the gate was closed, it walked back. Last week, head of forest force (HoFF) AK Saxena and chief wildlife warden Sarjan Bhagat too had visited Pench to review the progress.

Some members of the committee that decided on releasing the tigress had warned that even though this tigress was hunting on its own, it is generally observed that such releases lead to challenges for the tigers. Tigers brought up in captivity are not able to adjust to territorial fights with other wild tigers and move to areas near human habitation, which leads to man-animal conflict. However, this tigress has not moved towards human habitation until now.




RE: Bigcats News - Apollo - 06-20-2015

Chandrapur with 120 tigers does better than many reserves

Check the link



RE: Bigcats News - Pckts - 06-22-2015

NTCA wanted tourism regulated inside park
The charges from various wildlife activists that T-24, popularly known as Ustad, was shifted from Ranthambhore national park to captivity in Sajjangarh biological park under pressure from tourism lobby gets some credence from a letter of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) seeking regulation of tourism in the park where T-24 roamed, monitoring of the big cat through camera traps to check his behaviour and to ask foot patrol staff to use caution in his territory. After Ustad reportedly killed a forest guard on May 8, the NTCA wrote a letter on May 12 to the state wildlife authorities “to regulate tourism appropriately so that interface of T-24 with the tourists was minimised”.“The authorities were also asked to monitor the big cat through video camera traps for signs of aberrant behaviour. The authorities were advised to take due diligence before declaring the animal as a man-eater, if required, as a last resort,” said a senior officer of NTCA, seeking anonymity.The apex authority for conservation of tigers in the country had also sought a detailed report from Rajasthan chief wildlife warden RK Tyagi with regard to killing of the forest guard. But instead of regulating tourism and following the NTCA guidelines, the wildlife authorities relocated the tiger to captivity at Sajjangarh biological park in Udaipur on May 16 on the basis of a report of a committee formed at local level.The wildlife authority sent a two-member team to Ranthambhore to probe the matter, the report of which is awaited.According to an official communiqué of NTCA, the authority came to know of tiger relocation from “different sources” and not from the state wildlife authorities.Though Tyagi has been claiming that the NTCA was informed about tiger relocation, senior wildlife officials have denied receiving any report.A senior official at NTCA, who wished not to be named, said no letter was received from Rajasthan wildlife authorities forcing the authority to form a two-member appraisal team to probe the situation in which the tiger was relocated and to check whether all statutory requirements were fulfilled.Ban on entry of pvt vehicles in SariskaAlwar: The Sariska Tiger Reserve (STR) management has decided to ban the entry of private vehicles taking devotees to the Pandupol Hanuman Temple, situated 31 km inside the forest, officials said on Monday.The decision has been taken keeping in view the safety of relocated tigers and to avoid disturbances in the tiger habitat.Presently, tigers ST2, ST3, ST4, ST6, ST7, ST8 and ST2’s two cubs use the habitat. The park management has made alternative arrangement to ferry devotees to the temple.“The Rajasthan State Roadways Transport Corporation (RSRTC) has started plying shuttle buses - four buses from Sariska Gate and one from Tehla Gate. The initiative got a good response on the very first day (May 23), as 851 devotees visited the Pandupol temple in a total of 23 trips,” STR field director RS Shekhawat told HT.Shekhawat said the shuttle transport system will “greatly” reduce disturbance to the tiger habitat, as only 23 vehicles went inside Sariska in a day, as compared to earlier 250 carrying the same number of pilgrims. “The tariff of Rs 23 is also much cheaper than the cost of using your own vehicle,” he added.Earlier, people living in nearby areas used to visit the Pandupol Temple of Mahabharata era, especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays, on motorbikes. Some devotees used to come in four-wheelers from Alwar, Delhi and Haryana.The new decision will also help the park management to generate revenue. While earlier the entry for Alwar residents was free in the park, outsiders had to pay Rs 250 per vehicle. But after the ban on private vehicles, everybody has to pay fare to avail the shuttle bus service.Besides, the park management used to deploy guards on every 2-3 kms to ensure that devotees do not stray inside the jungle and do not throw garbage. But after the start of shuttle service, there was no need to deploy the guards, thus adding to the STR coffers.


RE: Bigcats News - Pckts - 06-22-2015

T72 is now missing from the Ranth Park.

Any one who can read it, please interpret.

RE: Bigcats News - sanjay - 06-22-2015

(06-22-2015, 10:12 PM)'Pckts' Wrote: Any one who can read it, please interpret.


Translated through google and little modified by me -

A few days ago came to know that Ranthambore National Park tiger cub of T24 Sultan is missing from the last two months. T24 case still was not completely over, Sultan's missing news have increased the troubles of  forest department. Missing of Sultan (T72)also  raise question on forest department .

More tahn a dozen tiger-tigress has disappeared from Ranthambore National Park in the past two years . Sultan is missing from the last two months, but the forest department did not let this news to come out. After the intervention of tourists it is revealed out.

Irresponsible forest department were telling T28 as Sultan before the matter came to light . But now the Sultan's disappearance has been noticed so forest officer are raising theri concern. To find Sultan, cameras are being fitted at many places.

However, forest deprtment are still not admit their mistake. They are saying, number of male tiger in ranthambore has increased and the area has become too small. Because of this conflict between them has increased for their territory. The weaker tiger are leaving their territory.

Forest department officials say that the Sultan has also gone out somewhere, they hopes that he will come back soon.

RE: Bigcats News - Pckts - 06-23-2015

The Eastern Cougar will be officially listed as extinct — almost 80 years after last sighting Nearly 80 years after it was last seen, the eastern cougar will be officially recognised by US conservation authorities as 'extinct'.Following a four-year review, the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) will next month remove the eastern cougar from its  list of endangered and threatened species — where it has been for the last 43 years.The big cat, which once roamed North America from Canada to South Carolina, will no longer receive Endangered Species Act protections.

RE: Bigcats News - Pckts - 06-24-2015

Chandrapur: A full grown tiger was found dead in the core zone of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve on Tuesday evening. Forest officers suspect it might have been killed in fight with another tiger. They have recovered signs of a conflict at the site.

According to reports, foresters discovered the carcass in compartment 107 of Jamni beat in Tadoba range in the evening. The body was fresh and the other tiger was present near it. Foresters discovered a kill of sambhar near the dead tiger. The carcass had scratches all over it and signs of conflict at the spot.

However, CCF and field director, TATR, GP Garad maintained they were uncertain about the cause of death and his officers were investigating. He, however, ratified that the tiger was a full grown male and its body was found in border areas of the core zone. He ruled out poaching, as all body parts were intact.

Post mortem on the body would be carried out on Wednesday.

Notably, this is the sixth instance of tiger death that has came to fore in Chandrapur this year.

A full grown tigress was found dead near Mudholi-Katwal road near Sindhdhawan pond in Moharli (buffer) range January 1. On February 17 forest officers busted a tiger poaching which was carried out in Junona FDCM range. A case of poaching was busted in Mul range in buffer zone of TATR on April 6. In yet another case a tiger was killed in hit and run case in FDCM Junona range on April 23. Yet another tiger was killed in territorial fight near Sarnagarh hillocks in Talodhi range on May 11.


@Roflcopters @Rage2277
any idea who this male was that was killed?


RE: Bigcats News - Roflcopters - 06-25-2015

It was the sub adult male cub of Gabbar and Choti Tara, very upset by the loss of Gabbar's only male cub but with the increasing number of males in Tadoba. Territorial fights are bound to happen. Not sure who the culprit tiger is but my bet is on Saturn aka Namdev.

RE: Bigcats News - Pckts - 06-25-2015

(06-25-2015, 01:47 AM)'Roflcopters' Wrote: It was the sub adult male cub of Gabbar and Choti Tara, very upset by the loss of Gabbar's only male cub but with the increasing number of males in Tadoba. Territorial fights are bound to happen. Not sure who the culprit tiger is but my bet is on Saturn aka Namdev.

I wonder why they said it was thhis? "ratified that the tiger was a full grown male and its body was found in border areas of the core zone. He ruled out poaching, as all body parts were intact."

Was he close to adulthood or is it a misprint or something else?