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RE: Bigcats News 2 - Pckts - 09-20-2014

Translocated tigress in Panna dies due to infection from radio collar. I will post the link when I find it/have time.

But another meaningless death of a tiger and for what?
Conserve their forrests, protect them from us, monitor them through camera traps only, etc.

This is meaningless and serves no purpose, how many death's before we realize that being intrusive to these animals ruins their quality of life.

Found it

RE: Bigcats News 2 - Pckts - 09-23-2014

News has come in of the tragic death of an unidentified young man who fell into the moat of a white tiger in the Delhi Zoological Park at around 1.30 p.m IST today. While details of the incident are yet to be fully explained, the incident should surely be followed by an investigation, not only into this tragedy, but into the whole issue of zoos in India, their mismanagement, the safety of both inmates and visitors and the fact that Indian zoos seem to have lost direction completely and have turned into entertainment parks where the animals are miserable and visitors are not oriented either towards conservation, or the welfare of animals.

Image by an anonymous visitor: Moments before his death the victim was photographed pleading for his life. The tiger did not attack him immediately. It seems it was only when people tried throwing sticks and stones at the cat that it turned on the unfortunate young man.

*This image is copyright of its original author


RE: Bigcats News 2 - Pckts - 09-23-2014

Here is the link since I can't make the image show up.
Very sad to see the young man begging for his life, curled up in a ball while the tiger decides his fate.

RE: Bigcats News 2 - sanjay - 09-24-2014

A white tigre killed a young man (20 year old) when he jumped in mal's cage in Delhi Zoo on last Tuesday

In case video is not playing
See the link https://in.news.yahoo.com/white-tiger-kills-class-12-student-in-delhi-zoo-091057992.html



RE: Bigcats News 2 - Pckts - 09-24-2014

A couple of questions still remain unanswered though,
What was he doing in the enclosure and why was he in it?

Never saw that video either, tfs Sanjay.
Can't believe how the tiger hauls him around like a rag doll.

RE: Bigcats News 2 - peter - 09-24-2014

(09-24-2014, 01:16 AM)'Pckts' Wrote: A couple of questions still remain unanswered though,
What was he doing in the enclosure and why was he in it?

Never saw that video either, tfs Sanjay.
Can't believe how the tiger hauls him around like a rag doll.


I started a new thread in the captive animals section and posted an article from the 'Hindustan Times'. The video worked, but you don't really want to see it. I read different articles in different newspapers and concluded not much is known. The only thing we know is a young man ended up in the home of a white male tiger in an Indian zoo. He unfortunately didn't survive. 

I propose to continue in the new thread, as this one is one wild animals. Ok?

RE: Bigcats News 2 - Pckts - 09-24-2014

Camera Traps for Tigers catching more than they bargained for
Adilabad forest officials reportedly delete images of naxalites caught on camera.A camera trap set up to capture the movement of tigers in Tiryani forest range in Adilabad is reported to have caught the movement of Maoists last month. ‘Confused’ forest officials however, are believed to have deleted the images from the camera’s memory card to avoid questioning and perhaps being marked by the naxalites in the area.According to sources, six armed extremists were caught on the camera trap located at a strategic spot in the Gundala forest beat in Tiryani Revenue mandal some time in August. Bellampalli Additional Superintendent of Police Bhaskar Bhushan said the field staff of Bellampalli Forest Division, responsible for maintenance of the camera traps, confirmed that pictures of extremists were being captured by the wildlife cameras only to add that the officials in-charge denied it.The issue came to light only when 15 camera traps set up by Bellampalli forest division and an NGO were removed from their locations following theft of five of them.The action came after the images of naxalites were found on the memory card of the camera trap but sources attribute it to the exposed lack of safety following the theft.Bellampalli Divisional Forest Officer P. Venkateshwarlu said, “Images of some human movement were caught on the camera but those were not of extremists.” He said the camera traps were removed from the Tiryani range as the purpose of capturing wild animal images was served.Volatile regionThe area falls under the buffer zone of the Kawal Tiger Reserve besides being a former stronghold of the Mangi dalam of the Communist Party of India (ML) People's War. There have been 11 exchanges of fire so far in the Mangi forests since 1990 and the extremists suffered only one casualty, in the 2001 Govena encounter.A band of 22 armed Maoists are said to be moving in the Mangi forests since July 20 and the spot where the images of naxalites were reportedly captured is about 30 km from the spot in Kasipet mandal where the first exchange of fire between the outlawed group and police forces took place. The second exchange of fire took place in Markaguda of Tiryani mandal itself which is closer still to the spot, according to sources. Keywords: Forest officialscamera trap for tigersshoots Naxals

RE: Bigcats News 2 - Apollo - 09-25-2014

White tiger attack in Delhi zoo full video


RE: Bigcats News 2 - Pantherinae - 09-26-2014

'Apollo dateline='' Wrote: White tiger attack in Delhi zoo full video


Insane strength! How chanceless we are against a tiger! Can't blame The tiger, it's just being a tiger! 


RE: Bigcats News 2 - Pckts - 09-26-2014

(09-26-2014, 03:03 AM)'Pantherinae' Wrote:
'Apollo dateline='' Wrote: White tiger attack in Delhi zoo full video


Insane strength! How chanceless we are against a tiger! Can't blame The tiger, it's just being a tiger! 



Ya, it really makes you wonder what the actual, best defense is when attacked by a lion, tiger or bear.
Do you fight, stand your ground, play dead, try to intimidate?
Who knows, most likely there is no right answer. 


RE: Bigcats News 2 - Pckts - 09-29-2014

More on the death caused by the Radio Collar.T4, the tigress which was known for a path-breaking successful experiment involving breeding of a translocated tigress, raised in captivity, died of an infection caused by its radio-collar at Panna Tiger Reserve (PTR) in Madhya Pradesh.
This is apparently first casualty involving a radio-collar. Till date there was no scientific evidence to prove the collar could cause death, say experts.
Hand-reared after being rescued at the age of three weeks from Kanha Tiger Reserve, this tigress was released in Panna in 2009 as part of the experiment. While adapting the wild, she had three litters in the last six years.
"It seems that the radio- collar caused infection around her neck. Rigor mortis had set in around the wounds. This is the second incident of collar related infection. In the first case, we had got prior information and timely action was taken to remove the collar, but this time the wound was spotted only during its autopsy," state's chief wildlife warden Narendra Kumar told.
PTR staff had received mortality signal (signal from a constant location) from T4 at 6.45 on Thursday. And on Friday it was found dead near Mandla range, said officials.Photo Courtesy : Rajesh Dixit Panna...
This is the 2nd incident of collars causing infections added to the fact that the sedation process has also caused deaths to these tigers.

*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author


above is the link since the images wont show up.

(Images fixed -sanjay)

RE: Bigcats News 2 - Apollo - 09-30-2014

3 leopard cubs found in sugarcane field

Three leopard cubs were found in a sugarcane field at S Kallahalli village in Jayapura, Mysore taluk.

Farmers and farm workers engaged in harvesting the sugarcane crop were surprised to discover the cubs and Forest Department officials was alerted.

DCF V Karikalan, who visited the spot, said as per the protocol they did not disturb the cubs for nearly a week. The cubs and the mother were noticed early this week but the officials did not disturb them as they always tend to return to forest.

The mother generally tends to return to the cubs and they leave the place together, he said and added that the mother leopard may be staying in the nearby Malleshwara Gudda (hill).

He also said if the mother did not return even after some time, the department would take custody of the cubs and shift them either to Mysore Zoo or the Bannerghatta Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Bangalore.



RE: Bigcats News 2 - Apollo - 09-30-2014

Female leopard was trapped

A Leopard was trapped in a snare with a dog kept as bait near Chamalapura in H D Kote Taluk late on Thursday night.

Following complaints by the villagers that a leopard was wandering around in the area killing cattle, the Forest Department had kept a snare near Chamalapura to trap the elusive Leopard. 

The two-year-old female leopard, which was finally trapped in the snare, was let off into D B Kuppe Forest Range.ACF Manjunath, RFO K Mahesh and other Forest Department personnel visited the spot


RE: Bigcats News 2 - Pckts - 10-01-2014

Forest Department has decided to translocate at least Three Tigers from the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve to other Less Densely Populated Reserves in Madhya Pradesh, Indiahttp://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/bhopal/mp-forest-department-to-shift-three-tigers-from-bandhavgarh/article1-1269796.aspx?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+HT-Bhopal+(HindustanTimes.com+-+Top+bhopal+News+Headlines)
*This image is copyright of its original author

 Golden Heart Chief Wildlife Warden of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve told that as instances of tigers attacking and killing human beings as well as tigers entering in territorial fights with other tigers at Bandhavgarh are increasing, it has been decided to translocate at least three tigers from the reserve.

The tigers will be moved to the Sanjay Tiger Reserve and Satpura National Park — reserves that are large in area but with relatively lower tiger densities.


RE: Bigcats News 2 - Pckts - 10-02-2014

David Attenborough backs £1m project to save Bengal tigerIndian village to be relocated to create the most densely packed population of tigers in the world and stop them eating people
*This image is copyright of its original author
The Royal Bengal tiger population in Corbett tiger reserve in north India will get a human-free corridor connecting forests. Above, is a tiger in the tall grasses of Kaziranga national park in Assam. Photograph: UB Photos/Barcroft India A £1m​ project to save tigers and stop them eating people is to be launched on Wednesday with the backing of Sir David Attenborough. An entire village in India will be relocated as part of the scheme, which conservationists forecast will create the most densely packed population of tigers in the world.Seven people have been killed by tigers in four years in an area which divides one of the animal’s last strongholds, the Corbett ​tiger ​reserve, from the Ramnagar ​forest in the state of Uttarakhand in northern India.Conservationists now intend to buy ​a corridor of land to provide tigers and a host of other threatened animals, including elephants, safe passage from the reserve to the forest where they will have space to spread out and build up numbers. The corridor is an ancient route used by wildlife to move between forests but they are increasingly in conflict with people who now live on the strip of land along a river.Just 1,706 tigers survive in India ​– one for every 762,016 person. More than half the people killed by tigers are women who are out in forest​ collecting curry leaves for meals and wood for their cooking fires. A​ villager was also killed by a leopard and large numbers of livestock are taken by tigers and other predators.Fifty families will be removed from their village in the Chilkiya-Kota corridor in the first phase of the project and given new homes a few miles away in an area with a far lower risk of being attacked by tigers. More families will be relocated in the second and third phases of the scheme. Each of the families moved away from the tiger corridor will be given a new purpose-built home with sanitation, and access to schools for their children.The UK charity the World Land Trust (WLT) is leading the programme in partnership with the Wildlife Trust of India and on Wednesday launches a fund-raising campaign for the tiger and other big cats which face extinction.​Attenborough, ​broadcaster and naturalist, said: “Tigers are magnificent creatures. It would be a tragedy of truly monumental proportions if they were to be lost to the world. Not only that, it would be totally inexcusable on our part but if we don’t act fast to provide them with suitable territory to live in, they will disappear. We mustn’t let that happen.”​John Burton, chief executive of the World Land Trust, said:“Lions used to exist in Europe. They wouldn’t be tolerated now. We are asking a lot of the Indian people to live alongside such big predators. We are beholden to do as much as we can to support them.” He estimated more than 200 people would be rehomed, from mud huts to ​proper houses​.The Corbett reserve is home to more than 100 tigers and is one of the few places in the world where numbers of the big cat have increased in recent years. It holds about 8% of the surviving Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) population in India and its success means more of the animals are leaving the reserve to seek new territory, resulting in further conflict with villagers.