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RE: Tiger Predation - Apollo - 12-18-2014

Tigress carrying a samnbar calf kill

RE: Tiger Predation - Apollo - 12-18-2014

Tigress hunting young sambar in water


RE: Tiger Predation - Pckts - 12-18-2014

Great video, this was my point when discussing with peter about trying to compare athletism between Amur or Bengal tigers. Running through snow or water, the animal is going to need much power and agility to trek through either terrain, like is shown above.
TFS Apollo


RE: Tiger Predation - stoja9 - 12-19-2014

It was amazing to see how fast and powerful she ran through the water too. 

RE: Tiger Predation - Apollo - 12-21-2014

Tigress hunt a Chital stag

Tiger stacking elephant calf - sanjay - 12-23-2014

By Wildlife Photographer, Sharad Kumar Vats
Never before in last 25 years of doing safaris, not sure if i will have it ever after. I see a Tiger trying to bring down an Elephant calf, and the mother trying to protect it. First image of the series, more will follow. Was in Dudhwa National Park 2 days back. Towards the evening, we see the Elephants on the track 100m ahead, we close in by 50m, and are surprised to see a Tiger crouching on the track, just behind the elephants. The Tiger gets up, and starts to stalk them. Mother starts to trumpet, and charges on the Tiger, he doesn't move. The Elephants start to move back, the Tiger begins to stalk again. Mother again turns and trumpets...and this carried on. Amidst all this, the young one, it seemed was totally ignorant about the danger, he would suckle on and off. The Elephants did not leave the track, as they felt safe in the open area than in the tall grass around. After about 15 minutes we had to leave the area as it was time for safari to end. Not sure, if the Tiger succeeded in bringing down the young one, heart did not want that to happen, but wild has it's ways, which are right, and beyond debate and heart. Mist, and low light, did not help in getting a good image, but for this experience i would trade off the best of lights, and conditions. See it full screen to enjoy the Jungle. I dedicate this image to Late Sh Billy Arjan Singh, it is because of him that this image is possible today.

*This image is copyright of its original author

All credit to Sharad Kumar Vats

Recent image, Tiger with Gaur Kill - sanjay - 12-23-2014

A beautiful image is taken by wildlife photographer Shashi Choubey .
Tiger with Gaur Kill and another bull Gaur is watching the tiger. Magnificent sighting.

*This image is copyright of its original author

All credits to Shashi Choubey

RE: Tiger Predation - Apollo - 12-27-2014

*This image is copyright of its original author


*This image is copyright of its original author

BANDIPUR has always been special to me.This gaur was killed by a male tiger in an open field near border road.I got the information at 7.30 pm on wednesday night.I was at the spot Thrusday morning at 6.40am...saw the kill but no tiger.waited for more than 3 hrs..lot of alarm calls around indicating the presence of the tiger, but it did not come out.Thrusday evening a leopard was feasting on the kill amidst lound alarm calls from langur and chital ....hearing this the tiger comes rushing to defend his kill..leopard runs out of sight..we see the tiger for 2 seconds inside the lantana to our right..i click only to get the lantana in the foreground in focus.Next second the tiger dissapears searching for the leopard in the direction of the alarm calls.Missed!! i curse my luck.Next day morning i reached the kill at 6.25am ..a gypsy belonging to a pvt resort reaches the spot 2 mins before me sees the tiger walking in to the bushes...gets no pics.We wait for more than an hour ,but the tiger who had his fill by then, decides to sleep inside a dry nullah right behind the kill and does not come out...alright.. so no luck the third time.I sit down and decide to change the routine ...in the afternoon we reach the spot an hour before other jeeps .As per plan we switch off the engine about a quater km away and reach the spot..the willy tiger which still manages to hear the rattle of our approaching vehicle stands right next to the kill..at the first glimpse of our vehicle [which was around 300 feet away] he retreats in to the lantana..but stands still watching at our approaching jeep..as the jeep stops about 150 feet away ...i instantly click pointing my camera towards the tiger..in about 5 to 10 seconds i manage to get atleast a few record shots of this huge male tiger which remains to be identified.With extreme satisfaction of atleast getting a few record shots...all my feelings of not having got him feasting on his kill vanish.I silently take a video of the kill and wait at the spot...thinking that it was all over. vultures sitting around hover around the kill but refuse to land,probably sensing the tiger.Suddenly from our left two wild dogs appear on the scene...and cautiously approach the kill..but sensing the tiger around they too dissapear from the scene.As the other jeeps start pouring in i decided to exit from the scene aware that the tiger being shy [not used to vehicles and people] would not emerge.As i return back i was blessed with an sighting which was perhaps more rare than a tiger!! A sloth bear with two cubs piggyriding on her!! We also got to see herds of elephants,a tusker,and groups of gaur too. More than i asked for!! I will be posting the images and videos of the tiger , wild dogs,vultures and the bear cubs with their mother.Keep watching.here is short video of the scene showing the dead gaur and other gaur watching it in the rain.



RE: Tiger Predation - Pckts - 12-28-2014

Amazing bottom two images, I have never seen them.

RE: Tiger Predation - Apollo - 01-03-2015

Tiger and water buffalo from Kaziranga

*This image is copyright of its original author


RE: Tiger Predation - Pckts - 01-09-2015

I just got back from thailand and I got to see some domestic water buffalo in person. They are quite impressive and obviously nothing close to their wild counterparts. 

RE: Tiger Predation - Apollo - 01-10-2015

*This image is copyright of its original author

Tiger with the kill
We saw the tiger entering the bush where the kill was hidden. Probably it was either a bison or a huge sambar and the kill must be a few days old as the stink was all around. It was almost evening and the place was a little down. The tiger slowly settled down with the kill and did not come out for some time. It was not possible to take a more clear picture considering the terrain and we could not move further beyond a certain point.

RE: Tiger Predation - Pckts - 01-13-2015

Atul BrowneSanctuary Asia Follow · 23 mins ·    
Krishna pulling her kill at RTR on 06/01/15 more pics at Ranthambhore and wildlife lovers

*This image is copyright of its original author


RE: Tiger Predation - Apollo - 01-20-2015

Tiger kills blesbuck at Tiger Canyons, South Africa


RE: Tiger Predation - Pckts - 01-20-2015

More disgusting non sense from varty. That animal has no idea what a tiger is, didn't even run. I lack the foresight to see the necessity of teaching these hybrid tigers to hunt since you will never be able to release them. Unless he is doing it simply as a specticle for tourist dollars.
Either way, that looks like a big tiger. Apparently male blesbuck average around 70kg to give you a idea of that tiger size.