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RE: Tiger Predation - Rage2277 - 08-24-2021

RE: Tiger Predation - Ashutosh - 08-24-2021

@Rage2277, last I heard was that P243 was keeping an eye on the cubs while also being seen with another female, most likely his other mate. Very interesting dynamic and different approach from Zalim who warned females about approaching the cubs he was raising.

RE: Tiger Predation - Rishi - 08-29-2021

RE: Tiger Predation - Rage2277 - 08-30-2021

subadults hunting Langur troop in bandhavgarh

RE: Tiger Predation - Rage2277 - 09-01-2021

daniella_kueck_wildphotography -

Stripes on Stripes

It finally happened!

Zebra is not a typical prey species for the tigers here @tigercanyon_sa as they are grazers and are usually found in open areas, whereas tigers prefer to hunt in the thickests as they are ambushing predators.

Today Oria cracked the zebra hunting code by hiding away in some reeds and waiting for some animals to come down and drink before pouncing. Today that animal was a zebra, and with two extra mouths to feed, this carcass will last for a few days.

Unfortunately it appears that Kumba came in and stole the carcass away from Oria.

This video shows one of the cubs using his stalking skills to try to get to the zebra, but Kumba is NOT having it!

Wait till the end!

RE: Tiger Predation - Rishi - 09-09-2021

RE: Tiger Predation - Rishi - 09-29-2021

Domestic cows have surprisingly strong flight or fight instinct..

RE: Tiger Predation - Leo Aslan - 09-29-2021

Tiger warfare in South Africa - Shy Boy/Tiger Boy vs Sunderban/Corbett (2013 & 2015)

Ranger’s Report: This is the incredible moment a pair of bloodied tigers slashed each other with their claws in a dramatic fight over territory. The dramatic battle was caught on camera at the world famous 'Tiger Canyons' in the Londolozi private game reserve in Pretoria, South Africa.
Sunderban was in Shy Boy's territory and was the bigger and more aggressive of the two. Five years old Sunderban weighed easily 200 kilograms while Shy Boy 8 years old weighs less, maybe 185 kilograms.This fight had been building up for months and I was interested to see whether Sunderban would take his coalition partner, Mahindra, into the fight. If he won the fight, Sunderban would get access to a larger territory and 4 additional females. The stakes were high, to say the least.
Shy Boy did his best to bluff his way out of the fight but Sunderban was pressing for the kill. After a number of boxing sessions, Shy Boy tried to take refuge in the river. Launching off the bank, Sunderban had the advantage of height and knocked Shy Boy down and got him in the death grip, by the throat. Suddenly Sunderban thinking Shy Boy was dead, relaxes his grip momentarily. Shy Boy kicks ferociously catching Sunderban throwing him backwards. Like a flash, Shy Boy is back on his feet, boxing, ripping, fighting for his life. Both tigers are a brown colour from the mud, the eyes and white teeth stand out against the dark background. The red blood flows from both tigers and steam rises in clouds from their bodies and snarling mouths.
A couple of weeks later, Tiger Boy captured his own territory on the east side of Tiger Canyons. Tiger Boy came close to death in a fight with Sundarban. Sundarban got him by the throat and was throttling him. Suddenly Tiger Boy's body relaxed and we all presumed him dead. Sundarban also thought he was dead and released him. (Tiger Boy was ‎in fact starved of oxygen) After 30 seconds Tiger Boy became revived and continued to fight, eventually surviving.
In late September of 2015 Tiger Boy attacked Zaria and her 3 cubs. Zaria defended her cubs. Corbett, the father of Zaria's cubs, immediately joined Zaria and attacked Tiger Boy. Tiger Boy got the better of the fight and got Corbett down. Zaria jumped onto Tiger Boy forcing him to release Corbett. During the fight Zaria's cubs became separated and the next morning Tiger Boy killed one of the cubs.
It appeared that Tiger Boy and brother Shy Boy had renewed their coalition and by standing together in fact had displaced Corbett from his territory. However on the  27th of September 2015, Tiger Boy's body was discovered. On examining the bite marks on Tiger Boy's body, I deduced that Corbett had crippled him with a spine bite and then suffocated him. (I estimated Tiger Boy to weigh 190 kg while Corbett weighs 210kg). Corbett, bigger, stronger and younger than Tiger Boy was too powerful for Tiger Boy. (Tiger Boy was 9 while Corbett is 6 years old)
During his life Tiger Boy taught me many new things about Tiger behaviour. He was an Ambassador Tiger and readily posed for pictures. He had an extremely calm and relaxed nature. He is one of the few wild tigers that have ever greeted me with a chuff.  He will be sorely missed.
Rest in Peace Tiger Boy (by John Varty)

RE: Tiger Predation - Apex Titan - 10-07-2021

Tiger feasting on a bull gaur kill:

RE: Tiger Predation - Ashutosh - 10-10-2021

Corbett female with kill. Look at her musculature. Very impressive:

RE: Tiger Predation - Rishi - 10-12-2021


RE: Tiger Predation - Apex Titan - 10-21-2021

Wild boar killed and eaten by an Amur tiger in the valley of the Kievsky stream (a tributary of the Melnika River) in the 1980s. (from the archive of N.I. Kovalchuk, village of Melniki)

*This image is copyright of its original author

RE: Tiger Predation - Ashutosh - 10-22-2021

Palm civet kill:

A youngster tries eating a pangolin:

RE: Tiger Predation - Rage2277 - 11-08-2021

*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author
enoshwatson -

Warrior !!!

Male Tiger | Kabini, Nov 2021

We started evening safari with drizzling showers. In morning safari our driver saw a gaur kill in MM road. So he directly rushed towards the spot and we are not sure who made a kill. When we reached the point, Suddenly we saw this big guy heading towards the bushes. Yes he is the hunter (Prey - image 2). He is shy in nature but dominant male tiger ruling kabini safari zone. He is the reason for Russell line male (Nayinjikatte male) to leave his own territory and move towards core.

RE: Tiger Predation - Pckts - 11-09-2021

Tigress pulls fetus from pregnant Gaur Kill